Shroud shows his MOUSE "UNBOXING" – Logitech G303 (Shroud Edition)


  1. Drew Prenevost

    I'm fucking stoked on this because I've loved that mouse forever, just learned about shroud recently and THANK YOU SIR!

  2. Leonardo Marchese

    we care about type C because of the fast charging.. I am looking forward trying this baby out

  3. 16-Bit

    He handcrafted it and made it worse they should have just made him a custom mouse just for him and just rereleased the orginal in wireless.

  4. Mikey money Konks

    How do u make a mouse and not even know who random frank p is?

  5. OB7

    16:10 "this is what the mouse is gonna come in"

  6. Swiftypop

    I really wanted this but I'm stuck with Abbysus lite. I'm so broke

  7. 브루스

    those fEEts

  8. StarcraftSwarm

    Does anyone know Shroud's exact hand size?

  9. UNIFY

    Who tryna lob me $130 real quick

  10. Grogu

    Is it ok for a larger hand size

  11. Ekoh

    I have a g305 and was waiting for an upgrade is the g303 good for claw right?

  12. Allen Harker

    Am I the only one that notices the hickey on his neck

  13. Andrew Marku

    Logitech need make G303 superlight edition!!! Below 60g…

  14. Plox Plox

    Throw some spare feet dam

  15. linkplayshalo14


  16. kiyu_u

    lmao at logitech

    shroud: "Yea whatever, type c"
    Logitech: "No no no no no, its type c"

  17. AD

    typce c is a big deal got my hands or a pre order for the final mouse releae and that shits microo usb lol

  18. AD

    you could tell he wanted it to be a bit lighter ill wait for the super light 👀👀👀

  19. WhyveR

    G303 Superlight confirmed

  20. Adrian Petre

    Just ordered it. Thank u man.

  21. Ang S

    I still use ancient 303 wired og mice..
    I guess it’s time to swap!!!!!!

  22. Rory Finazzo

    lol there was a leak

  23. Jonny_Vapez

    i need one now !!! logitech fanboys wetdream

  24. Ramtin R

    Mouse addict here… fps player for around 20 years . Palm gripper . About 25 days ago i finally got in contact with someone selling the original g303 ( only been used for like a month ) anyway i got it . From reviews i was pretty sure its not the mouse for me due to the pure clawgrip form of it . I bought it only for collection. About this new one tho . Not really sure about those feets / difference in mouse dimension just because he thinks its better, have to try it before saying anything . But if i was him i wouldv gone for safer shape mouses. Like making upgrades to zowieshaped mices . G303 is a great mouse but only for those who claw it and in some cases fingertip. People need to understand that : a mouse has to fit to your gripstyle ! Not the other way around . You shouldnt change your grip because of a mouse .
    In this case its even worse cuz its not a just company's product its a well known streamer product . Tho im really afraid it pushes more people towards it people with different grip . Fellas if u havent tried g303 be sure that you are a pure claw gripper and in some cases finger . Dont even think about it if youre palmgrip user.

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