SCRUB: Astra Test Flight Scrubbed (Launch Vehicle 0007)

Astra is covering some expenses associated with producing this broadcast. The livestream will begin at approximately T-60 minutes until liftoff. As usual …


  1. Inanutshell C

    It is literally ridiculous that showcasing everything is ready and counting down the launch and suddenly announced delay again…. Hahaha funny company

  2. Moot Point


  3. yeetly


  4. Leon Bostick

    0:53 up vote this so we can all enjoy the intro over and over

  5. よーく とむ

    why was it scrubbed?

  6. AlkQubit

    Is it true they scrubbed because of a moose?

  7. Jim Henning


  8. Heli Heli

    Hope u can get a lot of valuable data points

  9. Rufus

    Aint no rocketlab, thats for sure

  10. Jack Eppington

    This stream was very well done. The NSF/Astra partnership seems to work well.

  11. Itachifootlovers

    Thanks for to streamer!

  12. James Johnson

    better to scub and go another day for sure

  13. Kate Kalyuzhnaya

    The weather will be no better tomorrow, what now never fly?

  14. Mark Knister

    🎼Tomorrow tomorrow 🎶

  15. Ricardo

    Why they didn't use the publicity space to explain what's the whole project about??? I follow spaceX work and never heard of Astra before!

  16. OswaldOriginal

    Why attempted at NIGHT??

  17. Ethan jbleethan

    When is the new launch attempt at?

  18. Steve Perry

    Pointy end left and flamey end right !

  19. mrflorida55

    Anyone wonder why all the gates are open? Like some animal could roam into launch area;-) BTW this rocket looks like a old ICBM..

  20. Fred Flintstone

    What happened, did Pepsi lose stocks?

  21. Dan Mc

    So why at night?

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