Screen Calibration Night Scene Test (Contrast/brightness) 16:9 HD

This is a night scene we use to test the contrast and brightness of a TV and monitor. We color corrected every shot so that if you monitor is properly calibrated …


  1. coyoteproject

    I love this video for calibrating

  2. ZetsubouKibou

    Thanks for this, Viotek GN27D 27" WQHD 2560 x1440 144Hz 1800R Curved Gaming Monitor with movie mode (Option in monitor) and MSI gaming app that is on gaming eye rest mode is 👌

  3. PentiumRunner

    Thx BRO!

  4. gogotshi

    wich mountains? :$

  5. Kairos

    apart from a little black light bleed in the bottom right i think i may have won the ips monitor lotto

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