Ryan Dengler Blood Test To PROVE He's Natty Blows Up In His Face!? My Analysis

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  1. Matthew Requejo

    He dont look too jacked. I been in jail with dudes who looked similar

  2. Jack Wentworth

    Sponsor: Derek you only need to make a 1 minute promo for us
    Derek: 30 minutes later.

  3. Part time loser

    I can just look at him and tell you that's not natt lmao. Too big, without having the genes, look at them legs.

  4. Jeff Brunswick

    Ryan is YouTube's fake natty number 5,304,568.

  5. aSinisterKiid

    Derek you are absolutely an MD my guy, it's in your name !!! MPMD !!!

  6. Mario Umana

    Someone’s back on minoxidil 😏.

  7. Jake Miller

    Only 5K subs away from a million, lets go!

  8. basementgainz

    Derek is not MD he is MPMD, that's one level higher! MPMD Derek aka Death Star Delts. Thats would be his title on TV.

  9. Junya

    He looks like a buff SSundee the minecraft guy

  10. Chicken Joe

    Takes his jacket off and flips his hair. This guy is the ultimate tool bag lol

  11. supernewuser

    What I got from this is that Ryan and Kyle swapped results sheets.

  12. egobeaver

    7 m I n ad b r o ?

  13. canttakeanymore

    His legs look like they need some work.

  14. sicmic

    Am I the only one noticing that the guy in the backwards hat is putting on an absolute Oscar performance pretending like he doesn't know what all the numbers mean when he's being told about his results??? The way he's asking questions about what all the numbers mean.

  15. Austin Gray

    (In the states) Started test cyp and deca at 19 with a natural test of 972, stayed on for ~6 months then pct after 6 weeks. After 2 years got my blood work done 3 times test showed lowest being 323 highest being 395. My test never got close to my natural state but being 21 no doctor would prescribe me trt. 2years later (current day) I decided to take it upon myself to get on what's considered an acceptable 75mg dose taken twice weekly. I'll be getting blood work soon to ensure healthy blood work

  16. Fino Diez

    i knew the outcome by just looking at the guys face from the start, he is scared shitless, look at the eyebrows.

  17. Jordan Talbot

    Algorithm comment

  18. Motorsports in Japan

    Derek about to tick over to 1mill subs. Grats and well deserved.

  19. darlin bood

    :Looks like Kid Rock

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