Realme Narzo 30A vs Poco M3 Full Comparison – Gaming, Camera, Speed Test, Battery….

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  • Realme Narzo 30A vs Poco M3 Full Comparison – Gaming, Camera, Speed Test, Battery….

00:00 Intro & Price 01:03 Sponsor 02:11 Important Disclaimer 02:40 Build & Design 03:35 Performance & Gaming 05:51 Camera Performance 07:48 Battery Life …


  1. Sithara R Nair

    Great video I bought poco m3 lastday

  2. Tamilpriyan

    Hai Brother I love your 1.5lakh Home Theatre video really superb❤

  3. Vinoth sparkZz

    Worst review ever 🤪🤪🤪

  4. Ghandy Tech

    Conventional vs Side mounted fingerprint sensor

  5. Nishant Singh

    didn't included IN NOTE 1…..why?? Buy a new phone and then please review or compare

  6. Surya Prakash

    Redmi note 10 pro max review pls

  7. Aviraj Mondal

    Poco m3 G cam mod is working fine on my realme 6I 😅😅😅

  8. sudo google

    Wt abt redmi note 10???

  9. Himanshu Ramani

    Now, one can say redmi note 10 is at 12k and is a better deal than poco M3 as it has better chip (Snapdragon 678) and Amoled display too.


    Pls upload Redmi note 10 series

  11. Shreyas Jain

    Please do a review on the Anker soundcore life q10 headphones…

  12. Rupali Das

    "I'll be skipping build and design"
    Talks about build and design anyways

  13. quad

    Snapdragon all the way!

  14. Pranav

    where is note 10 pro max

  15. sss ss

    bro why does this video even exists after the launch of the redmi note 10

  16. Risy Mondal

    Bro please make a video with sony z9F and LG sL10yg soundbars please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 .or maybe a comparison any thing . looking forward to it

  17. Babji

    small correction at 4:51 NARZO 30A

  18. Arjun Ambarnath

    How long are u going to keep doing videos of cheap sub-10,000 phones??! Grow up ur channel. Start doing reviews of better products, with varied features. Pick up a few laptops and review them. Do a weekly series on the most interesting tech news. That's what a REAL TECHNOLOGY JOCK does with his time.

  19. Arjun Ambarnath

    U have good command over the English language, but end up wasting ur energy and time reviewing these basic smartphones which everyone knows about. 🤷‍♂️

  20. Animesh Anand

    SIR when the detailed review of mi 10i will come

  21. Sadguy Sad

    I like how these smartphone revieers dont question the company for actual specs
    What display is used
    Whats the overall radiation
    For eg people say realme and redmi has higher touch responce threy dont understand thats higher amout of e passing through their thumb

  22. Suman Karanam

    By any chance you are related to PR Sundar sir ?

  23. Kanishk Nayak

    You should Narzo 30 for MIUI and POCO M3 for Realme UI……

  24. Tech Talks Mal

    Bro do comparison between POCO X3 and Redmi Note 10 Pro

  25. narendhiran.s Sundaresan

    I am not sure if you are reading the comments. I just a few weeks back requested for this format to return in one of your videos.

    @technogyJock @AswinSundar glad this format is back. Right when I am looking to buy a new phone. Last time I purchased I purchased based on your Asus 6z vs Oneplus comparison. I am certainly very happy about how you helped me with the decision. Please continue this format for up to 50K or even all prices. You will form a niche among the YT reviewers.


    Kids now:Helio g95 is far better than sd 662😊💪


    My G80 didn't heat at all my device is redmi 9 prime best in the segment.🥰

  28. Notle Beatbox

    Hi im using a Redmi 9t, doeas it have a Gcam? or can I use the gcam of the poco m3?

  29. Aayush Agrawal

    But mkbhd told in his review video that poco m3 feels to slow to use and animations are slow in day to day usage
    what about that
    can u address @Technology Jock

  30. ABHI btata hu

    Please compare realme 30a vs infinix smart 4 plus battery drain test immediately 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌

  31. Gnana Mani

    Hai bro i think you video post

  32. atso visezo

    Budget segment is confusing😕,should I buy M3 or g30 or 9 power❓


    4:21 Xiaomi seriously take look to improve their MIUI software optimization.

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