Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor Review

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a great tool for all golfers that provides professional-level accuracy of all the metrics in your golf swing. Rick Hatfield …


  1. aaron pulley

    How do you design something like this and not have it work with a net??? Sales would quadruple times 10!

  2. Rick O'Shea

    No android = Crapsodo

  3. Michael C. Conti

    The review should be updated to reflect that the default is auto calibration. Just got mine last month, so I’m not sure if auto calibrate was an update after this review was published.

  4. Steven Maschek

    disapointing that developers support IOS but ignore the vast majority of the market is android

  5. E C

    Does it measure spin rates

  6. Danny Barrera

    BUYER BEWARE: This product does NOT work as advertised. I’ve followed app instructions and tips on how to properly use too. Distances are off by 10-20yds, swing detection does not work AT ALL, synchronization of shots DOES NOT WORK. If the unit is placed too far behind you so as to capture your swing in the video, my unit will not detect the swing. This device has been nothing but underwhelming performance and frustrating problems.

  7. mi1ne

    Is this an ad or a review?

  8. mmills006

    Does the MLM measure distance from the ball point of contact or from the launch monitor (i.e. ~8ft back)?

  9. Sean Liddy

    Can I hook it up to a laptop for a bigger screen?

  10. Woodrow Greene

    I have a MLM but cannot rotate the GPS map. Can you help?

  11. TT T

    Is the audio output from the phone or the Rapsodo device ?

  12. biggregg5

    Are you limited to the number of clubs you can get a distance on? I like the idea of getting distances on 1/2 shot, 3/4 shot etc for wedges so 14 total wouldn't be ideal.

  13. Jada Mane

    Can you use it at a open field I have a few desolate parks with no trees with low cut grass. Will it operate there

  14. Mkhulu Mokoena

    I practice with 5 targets at the range, starting left to right or start right to left and then I select the targets random, that means everytime I change targets have to move device straight with target line?

  15. Rob Scherer

    Can you silence the voice so you don't disturb other players on the range? Or get it to go to headphones?

  16. R A

    Is it compatible with android?

  17. Tiger Wang

    I own both Rapsodo and Skytrak but they do NOT agree with each other. As the result that I have tested both units with my golf coach in a driving range , the Rapsodo was off by 10%~15% of distance comparing to Skytrak. The Rapsodo is NOT a recommendable product to me.

  18. Fabian

    No Android App??

  19. Michael Thompson

    If if comes out for Android would be interested. Can you please review the swing Caddy SC300. Thanks

  20. mrchezze84

    Not very smart of this company only making it for Apple products, ill just have to buy the mevo


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  22. L M

    Rick do you have to calibrate one time or every time you use it thks

  23. Jeremy Colston

    Sounds like it would be amazing!

  24. Vlas Gilbers

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