OnePlus Nord 2 5G Review | Best New Mid-Range Smartphone?

Reviewing the OnePlus Nord 2 5G, one of the best mid-range smartphones of 2021 and stiff competition for the Pixel 4a. While Google’s phone boasts superior …


  1. Tech Spurt

    From the OnePlus Nord 2 onto the Poco X3 GT, full review of that coming next week. Cheers for watching!

  2. Francesco Santoruvo

    Hi, between this and the samsung s20 fe, which one, according to you, takes better pictures and has better software/update? Thank you for the video

  3. Simon Stacey

    I’m not sure why you get so bent out of shape about not having a headphone jack? I have not used wired headphones in years, even when I did I chose Bluetooth, there is no difference and ANC on wired headphones is no better?

  4. Chef Arnab

    Very nice 👍 phone 📱

  5. Rakshit Pathak

    Amazing Experience ❤
    From:- India🙌🙌

  6. martinenoksen

    Really good review, just bought myself a Nord 2 in norway, can't wait to get it and test it for myself

  7. habs249

    Blue Haze 256GB isn't coming to the UK 🙁

  8. hristo dinkov

    We are waiting for Huawei P50 review 🙂

  9. Josh Baker

    Tech – In your opinion, for all flagship/mid-upper tier phones, used daily from the last year or two, which has been THE best battery life? I can't seem to break away from P30 Pro because I know how reliable it is.

  10. RÃHÜL YÄDĀV F&F & HP Fan

    OnePlus nord 2 Dolby Atmos support yes or no

  11. R

    Everything said and done. Boy, The Masters of the Universe sure ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. Waiting for S2 eagerly.

  12. Dhanush Rajagopal

    How may 5g bands does it support in Europe? In India there's no 5g it's expected to come in 2023 so just asking

  13. Guy Holt

    I'm on my 3rd OnePlus phone, I can only say good things about them.
    The Nord 2 5g is an excellent piece of kit and we'll with the money
    Love your review.
    Was that Beamish in this video?

  14. Andy Mac

    Smooth as a sea lions scrotum 😄. You are one funny dude, love your reviews and yeah I bought a 256 Nord 2. Well worth it

  15. [Sic]Erik TV

    Slipknot! Rip Joey!

  16. Tom Miller

    Needed to buy a new phone today.. This convinced me to buy this (Well work is paying for it)

  17. Suhail Mondair

    I want a final decision man😂 poco F gt or Nord 2


    Where did you get these wallpapers… It's so cool.❤️

  19. Diyor Becks

    Hi. I'm in a dilemma of buying oneplus nord 2 5g or oneplus 9r. Which one should I buy?

  20. MrMidNight

    I am not sure if I should buy this one because my Og nord's screen broke twice and i had a screen protector at both times.

  21. Siddh Pat

    How about a comparison video of Oppo Reno 6 5g with Nord 2 5g 🙄🧐🧐🧐

  22. Crazy GENIUS

    this phone is trash

  23. Edvin Kappel

    Is this a good uppgrade from an samsung galaxy s9.

  24. dhruv mohan

    Please tell me your home screen wallpaper name

  25. Witwillsy

    Was that Beamish?

  26. Marcin Robakowski

    i still have my OP 5 and its still great even with a bit of tape stuck on it to hide screen crack, tried OP 8 or was it 9 😉 didn't like it one bit… must be the old age or smth but I absolutely hate having no physical buttons…

  27. brownwallet942

    I like how he always emphasize headphone jack because it's one thing I really care about choosing a phone too

  28. John Luke

    It's a scratch for $400

  29. enovasia

    Given that the Poco F3 6GB/128GB was down to just £249 on Mi UK store (and I'm sure it will again) — I don't see how £150 more for the Nord 2 is remotely justified?? I mean that's 60% more expensive

  30. The Indian Pistonhead

    Watching this In my One Plus Nord 2. Everything is excellent here wish the front camera was a little bit better.

  31. Royal Flush

    I tried really hard to resist but lost it in the Zen Mode and ''which can calm you right the fuck down''

  32. Thouzer Benevolent

    should i get this or 7t pro Mclaren edition? i want the best camera

  33. namrata mandal

    i hope you have a table under that hand, always holding the phone up.

  34. 👁️ ©°™✓

    DC dimming?

  35. Benjamin Lee

    The Mediatek processor is customized for this phone right? How different is it from the regular D1200 chipset?

  36. chander mohan Bakshi

    Very good

  37. Lawand Doski

    good signs of new 5nm fabrication mid-range phones ,they are coming 😉

  38. Ignacio Karras

    This information says that a OnePlus Nord 2 would have exploded … is it true?

  39. Abhijeet Dey

    Aux port missing on a midrange smartphone is a joke.

  40. Oliver Smith

    This is firstly a really good looking phone. Plus the new and improved Dimensity chipset looks lit

  41. Andrew Johnson

    Nord 2 seems to be the best device in this range with a Mediatek chipset. This change by OnePlus is really impressing people.

  42. Simon Markham

    Is this a review of the 8gb ram or 12gb ram version?

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