OnePlus 9R Vs OnePlus Nord 2 Speed Test Comparison – Is Nord 2 better than 9R? 😳

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  • OnePlus 9R Vs OnePlus Nord 2 Speed Test Comparison – Is Nord 2 better than 9R? 😳

OnePlus 9R Vs OnePlus Nord 2 Speed Test Comparison – Is Nord 2 better than 9R? Do you want to know which OnePlus smartphone is faster in real life?


  1. Abhay Ohdar

    Dono slow h. iqoo 7 vs OnePlus 9r karo


    Watching On OnePlus 9R🤘🏻🔥

  3. Sahin Saikh

    OnePlus 9R my love ❤️😘 best phone 🔥

  4. lokesh

    Pls do this with iqoo 7

  5. Mohd Qasim

    Watching in My 9R ❤️

  6. Mohd Qasim

    Bhai One Plus 9R And One Plus 9RT Ka Compression Karo ❤️👍🏻

  7. midnitefreakin

    Pls switch off the bluetooth on nord 2, unnecessary load on the phone.

  8. Mohanish Jaybhaye

    Which smart watch best for OnePlus smartphone?

  9. Jp Sohal

    Snapdragon R faster than Mediatek processers

  10. Hitesh Anand

    Going to buy 9r tomorrow. I hope i am making the best choice.. nd it will be remain same for a long time..

  11. Gautam OP

    Watching on my 9R

  12. Mohd Qasim

    One Plus 9R VS One Plus 9RT Which is The Best With Your Opinion….???🙄

  13. 94 - Nongmaithem Alex

    Thujin thi

  14. Archit Pattanayak

    There is no comparison between Mediatek vs Qualcomm Snapdragon. Snapdragon always wins. BTW watching this on my OnePlus 9R✌🏻🤩


    Watching this on IPhone 12

  16. Sreeraj Ps

    Watching on OnePlus 9r🔥🔥🔥

  17. Akash _027

    Is buying oneplus 9r good for long term and is imx 586 worth it in 2021?

  18. Afridi Khan

    Watching on My Nord 2
    (please don't comment that it will blast)


    Nice video bor 😍😍


    Use High performance Mode in Both Phone and Then results will shock u… 😍

  21. Gaming Zone

    Nord 2 is firecracker device. Beware health over Nord 2 🙏

  22. Surendra Ji

    Currently using Oneplus 8T ( with bit regret ) 🤐

  23. Nikhil Prakash

    Bhai nord2 itna v slow nh h jitna tmhara h problem tmhare phone me h 9r k sath hm v compare kr chuke h phone boot slow hota h lkin hn app opening bhut fast h

  24. SnehSagar

    Hi Sir , which phone is best in One plus 9R vs 9 ?

  25. Aayush Walse

    No way.. There is no comparison with 9R. Watching OnePlus 9R on my OnePlus 9R🤩🤟

  26. zahin raihan

    Which gcam you have used in 9r??

  27. zahin raihan

    Which gcam you have used in 9r??

  28. suresh bharwad

    Watching on oneplus 9R 🔥🔥

  29. Mortal King

    watching on 9r ..

    9r is superbly perfect just an imx682 ahhhhhh……… alass…

  30. Ashish Ekka

    #SEM 2 SEM


    9r me dual flash jalta kaise hai

  32. MRS gaming and tech

    U should have used high performance mode in nord 2 it should have changed whole story 😁 it is hyper in that mode

  33. Gourav Roy

    Speed test comparison me dono almost similar hei.
    Kuch ziyada fark nahi hei.

  34. Madhav Varshney

    Not biased to any phone but 5 secs time gap combining is not significant by any means. No one is gonna even notice that difference by using either of them separately. I have used both phones both are very fast phones.

  35. Weird Facts

    brio apke according 9RT kb tk aa jayega. wait to kr rhi rha hun, but kuch info hi nhi hai

  36. Tech Gaming Wale

    Original oxygen os vs fake oxygen os

  37. Farhath Farhan

    Personally used both, camera and other futures are best in nord 2, also in this video he didn't used high performance mode too, score are high when used mode. If your priority is Qualcomm then u can buy 9r or else nord 2 would be better also for long usage too as its OnePlus. Also heating issue is there with both and blasting is there in specific phone, that we donno the reason behind it.

  38. P H A N T O M ×D

    Like it, for those watching on the LEGENDARY 9R !!!!:))))

  39. abwry slemany

    One plus 9r or xiaomi mi 11t ???

  40. Aju creations

    9r lovers want more video

  41. Darain Travels

    9r Best'

  42. Syed Naveed

    Bhai make a video 9r

  43. Manmohan Singh

    Should i go for 8gb variant as 12 gb is not available here in 9r??

  44. Bibhanshu Rupak

    Iske paas pakka 9r hai. Hahaha yahi hota hai jada paisa kharch kar ke. Nord is best phone

  45. Techy Mobile


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