Neo G7 Vs Neo G7 Brightness Quality Control Test Firmware 1002.1 Vs 1003.0

Neo G7 Vs Neo G7 Brightness Quality Control Test 2 Neo G7’s Quality Control Observations Firmware 1002.1 Vs 1003.0 Hi …


  1. soundwave12

    thank you for the vid! and showing the screenbar. The quality control issues on monitors of this price is just unacceptable. I simply cannot understand how a monitor with this kind of problem makes it into a store. That should simply never happen

  2. Mr Walker

    I've dealt with Samsung in the past and let's just say customer service and support leaves a lot to be desired…
    Knowing these monitors Neo G8/G7and S95 QD-Oled Tv's still siffer from terrible QC issue's in 2022 is a big DON'T BUY to me….
    The build quality is terrible for a premium priced product in the Neo G8 along with the scan line's which is the case on almost every review at 240hz..You can only select either 240hz or 120hz nothing else either as far as I'm aware….could be wrong
    The G7 seems to fair better but still the cheap plastic wobbly build…nope

  3. Mauricio Nalesso

    Alienware QD-OLED or Samsung NEO G8

  4. Moses Kiarie

    6:15 That would explain why on the lg ultragear oled monitor review by the tech chap, he measured a peak brightness of 1100 nits in HDR. I've been confused about that result for days. Thanks for the informative video!

  5. Rory Nolan

    What's the g8 actually like when you're using it at its max capabilitys? 4k 240hz seems to be when it most strongly shows this scanline issue

  6. Kunal Vaidya

    Are there any 32 inch (or larger) UHD monitors available with high refresh rate in budget category ?
    it appears that monitor prices double or triple while going from 60hz to 120/144 hz

  7. Ratchet _061

    so you can update any monitor with firmware update same for LG?

  8. Nove

    Hi @Viktors Reality, could you please compare G7, G70A and Neo G7?

  9. Peter2353654645

    i reeally want to buy the Neo G8 but 1500€ is too expensive, maybe there will be a discount on blackfriday


    Where did you get 1003.0 firmware?

  11. busterswordslash

    Apparently on the neo g7 and g8 you'll notice the flickering issue with vrr enabled, full array local dimming on at lower frame rates. Can you test this with Elden Ring on ps5 since it jumps between 45 to 60 fps and see if there is flickering with vrr and full array local dimming on high. You don't have to make a video, I would even appreciate an update in the comments.

  12. ThrakazogZ

    Great video, as always. Out of curiosity…..if the ambient light meter is affected by windows, etc…..wouldn't the light from the opposite monitor affect it ?

  13. J Pimentel

    Thanks for the shout out Viktor! Happy to tag along😁😁 Great video Thanks for sharing neo odyssey ffl👏

  14. doc B

    skip Both of these and get the LG 32GQ950. I got mine and it's awesome.

  15. Peter Falkner

    Can you compare with the Neo G9

  16. J Pimentel

    Viktor, could you show the inmersion the neo g8 provides? Like two or three cam points of view as you game (console and/or pc). Thanks

  17. Steve White

    Can you see if scan lines appear after you enable the VRR setting under the system tab on your G8? On mine I get scan lines at 240hz but not at 120hz with adaptive sync on and VRR off in the monitor settings. I have some flickering when I turn on adaptive sync on the G8 but the flickering goes away when I enable VRR on the monitor. VRR on however causes the scanlines to appear even at 120hz. It's like a no -win situation for me.

  18. GFunkEra1992

    That's what manufacturers do, they sent their product to reviewers and once all good publicity is made, they make sneaky updates that nerf your products. That's scummy. Thanks for the testing

  19. Buddy305Luv

    I can't get mad at Samsung for bad QC for the price of these monitors compared to its competitors. ViewSonic and Asus Mini-LED monitors are twice the cost for the same number of dimming zones. But that is still not cool, not cool at all. SMH

  20. Buddy305Luv


  21. Miconic

    Great video!! really useful like always 😃

  22. Hussain A.

    Could u make a comparison between Neo G7 and the “normal” G7? I wanna see if image quality is worth the double price point

  23. Doctor Fresh

    😱😱😱😱OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!! He got the second one, HE GOT THE SECOND ONE!!! I'm going to be honest with you, when you said you was getting a 2nd one to test Panel Variance I thought you was Bull$hiting. I didn't really think you we're going to buy another $1300,00.00. You are forreal foreal. You're legit, You are T H E R E A L D E A L H O L L Y F I E L D ! ! ! That's what I'm talking about. I love a TechTuber that shows passion for their work. 👍👍👍

  24. Doctor Fresh

    Hardware Unboxed got a different result though. They had the NEO G7 as brighter than the NEO G8.

  25. Doctor Fresh

    What devices can i purchase to test the Brightness of my monitor? Can you post some links?

  26. Doctor Fresh

    Also could you update the firmware on the older NEO G7 and compare them to see if the older one will perform like the newer one with the firmware update?

  27. Mike the duckk

    Yup am getting the gq950 I like sdr more anyway

  28. John Anderson

    Are you going to any more 32gq950 content? That's the one that has my attention. These are great but I can't do the curve.

  29. Destroy - Erase - Improve

    This video made my mind up thanks! I will wait for the Asus ROG Swift PG42UQ. It's basically an LG C2 but should hopefully fix my 1 issue with the TV which was the low SDR brightness of 180 nits due to the addition of a heatsink. Every time I see blooming with Mini LED on starfields I cringe. Dead Space Remake & Callisto Protocol will look incredible on OLED.

  30. harris92nic

    So with brightness, what level do you have it set at on your preferred picture modes? 100?

  31. nerflick nerflick

    bro im really w8ting for neo g7 vs old g7 video

  32. Ben

    I'd thought I won the panel lotto… Until I found a hair or something behind the panel which is U shaped and is clearly visible. smh… how the hell does hair get behind the screen? lol.

    Oh well… my C2 is coming tomorrow. My AW3423DW comes in September.

  33. Carlos2400

    It's crazy how much the left one looks so much better

  34. Andrew McCreadie

    Got one today only just came out in Australia.
    No issues and wow simply amazing

  35. kamilradom1910

    Victor on Neo G8 this coating on screen is safe to clean? Any chance to destroy in future?

  36. Michael Wyckoff

    Happy Saturday to you Viktor

  37. Cable Salad

    Thanks for the shout-out, Viktor! What a cool surprise! Really love your videos, man. Not sure if you're interested but I'd love to see a comparison between the Samsung Neo G7, Neo G8 and Neo G9. I'm especially curious how the Neo G9 fares against his newer siblings. Love the Neo G8, but I really dig the Neo G9's size. I'm considering buying a Neo G9 and gifting my G8 to my wife 🙂 What do you think? Besides, there's no video on YouTube that compares the 3, yet so it might be interesting to make one, if you got them monitors 😉 Anyway, keep up the good work!

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