Natalie Portman Interview | Screen Test | The New York Times

In this episode of Screen Test Natalie Portman talks about her life and acting. Subscribe on YouTube: Screen Test though precedes 73 …


  1. Jean Koh

    I love her but i really hate her hair here. A ponytail or sth wouldve looked better coz her face is so gorg.

  2. Mistery Jay

    Neil Patrick Harris steals the show.

  3. Sara Kahfagi

    ugly? her feces prob looks better than any girl you have ever had

  4. Sara Kahfagi

    you and a billion others

  5. j freed

    Yes, and it damages the voice. She could set a better example instead of sounding like a zipper half the time.
    European women often sound beautiful because they speak clearly.

  6. Amanda .May

    She's awesome, even with her creaky voice.

  7. Jonathan Priest

    Are you aware that she had a sexual affair with Roman Polanski when she was in her early teens?

  8. Amanda .May

    Is that supposed to make me hate her, Bro?

  9. Jonathan Priest

    No, contrarily! She was a victim, Amanda. I thought you would sympathise with how she was taken advantage of. [sad5]

  10. Amanda .May

    She grew up fast and she was mentally stable and capable of understanding what she got herself into, and clearly it effected her very little when you see what a wonderful woman she has turned into. But I did google your claims and I couldn't find anything about it. All I saw was she signed a petition to release him… Proof or GTFO! [kiss]

  11. Jonathan Priest

    Here's your proof, babeh: watch?v=B6X-PyUexZ8

  12. Rosita

    She's magical which sounds weird but yh she has a sparkle

  13. Ally Rae

    So gorgeous 😉

  14. Art Sosin

    Sexy and Interesting at the same time!

  15. Jet Jr.

    Scientifically speaking, I'd tap dat! Manufacture offspring at a rate of 1 cub every 2 years;)

  16. Texasinjuly

    I like her voice and the way she talks

  17. Smedley Butler Jr.

    Vocal fry is the most irritating thing I've encountered over the last few years.  Only American bimbos speak like this.  I don't care if you have a freaking Ph.D. – if you speak with vocal fry, you are still a bimbo – an incredibly annoying bimbo. 

  18. jerome anderson

    big fan of natalie since leon and star warz

  19. thaJagman1971

    I'm her prince.

  20. Elli S

    Wow that face!!! :O And her intelligence makes her even more beautiful!!

  21. Heather Rocks

    she seems like she'd be a real killjoy to hang out with. like…nothing you do is good enough. lol.

  22. Cristián Anguita

    I LOVE HER <3

  23. HIghballJordan11

    She's just gorgeous, what a beautiful face.  And she's so smart.  She's been published in two scientific journals, and one of those was when she was just in HS!  And what an actress.  Oh Natalie … sigh  You break my heart every day. 🙂

  24. shaHn

    Is she channeling a woman who is overly pragmatic and dull who'd rather be elsewhere then answer questions on video? That was a bit painful.

  25. Varm Krieg

    i just can't believe she's jewish she have a very small nose !

  26. ARTEMISIA 999

    i am in love with her accent :o)

  27. Quillzz

    Ahh still buetifull

  28. Kevin Gomez

    Queen and Bae

  29. Shaun Grace

    She'd be even to good for Thor. How do u give someone like this a present? They'd never want more than just kind heavy respect, everyday all day.

  30. Tom Gavioli

    Sounds as if she has a sore throat, very croaky!

  31. tollmien

    I could be listening to her forever

  32. zodiac slut

    Shes soooo beautiful! Her hair is so pretty

  33. Rosa Rojas

    Can somebody tell me in what interview she talk bad things about Star Wars?
    I don't find in anywhere 🙁

  34. Mathias Trachsel

    No matter what you've ever done, you're boundlessly loved by Jesus and he certainly would not expel you no matter what sins you've ever done.

  35. Mustafa Mamdouh Taha

    You are perfect 💓💓💓💓💙💙💙

  36. Næp Sæck

    Leon the professional feels like an ominous reflection of the sexualization of children in Hollywood. I think it is completely inappropriate and creepy. Does anyone agree or disagree with me?

  37. Oniket

    She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn ♡

  38. Machi Giceb

    i love her but it really annoys me this vocal fry thing that she does

  39. Patrick Wentzell

    One of the finest actors that we always want to see more performances upcoming movies anything with Natalie in it fans are going to see it no matter what that movie is one of the best interviews I listened to in many of these videos

  40. Juliana Peñaranda

    She likes school??? She's amazing WTF!

  41. Collections Never Complete

    The vocal fry

  42. SUDN

    how to sleep <3

  43. Kyle Tucker

    how to sleep

  44. Lucas C

    for those who came here from 'how to sleep' by EDEN

  45. Leopard-King

    I love the sound of heavy rainfall and lightning. There is something about nature putting everyone on a timeout that delights me.

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