Mountain Everest Max keyboard review (Cherry MX RGB Red)

Skip to 10:58 for a typing demonstration. Today we look at an interesting new offering from Mountain, called the Everest Max. Focusing on several …


  1. Bob Weiram

    You can change the numpad to the telephone layout, making using it with a left hand less painful. Did you just call us yanks "flat earthers?"

  2. CgPallaeon

    10:07 isn't scary, it can't hurt you at full volume.


  3. Brubs


  4. Tracy Olson

    Does anyone make ultra heavy duty, all metal, three or four kilogram monster keyboard these days? Is it possible to convert an IBM Selectric into a computer keyboard? Asking for a friend, ahem.

  5. Chatterlal

    What's 1.1 sec in imperial?

  6. Natalie T

    Alas at this awful price/quality ratio, Mountain will need to move mountains….to move mountains. Quite a pity: It's a curious board that really whetted the appetite for more information in its unboxing video. Great review (and evidence based assessment on the merits of Imperial units) as always, cheers Thomas !.

  7. daftwalrus

    overpriced gimiky keyboard thats gimiks dont work well

  8. Tomasz Grabarczyk

    I was holding my hopes quite high for this keyboard, that's a bummer. Any chance of reviewing one of Keychrons? K4v2 has quite nice form factor and I was wondering what you think of the board.

  9. The Last Gen Console Gamer

    I am impressed and yet unimpressed at the same time. Hot Swappable keyboards are more common than before and I did not like some of the features.

    Pros: CNC milled body with good looking keyboard is always a nice feature. Most customizable keyboards contains cheapper switch like basic cherry clones like gateron, outemu and kailh.

    Rough cut CNC is not that great IMO. ThatRGB Lighting is very disappointing.  I wish manufacturer add aditional attention to white led because it is way more useful than weird looking piss looking whites.
    I get why there is a need for customizable knob but it is not great looking nor useful.

    Great review BTW

  10. ugyuu

    When I read "Everest Max" and saw the box it came in, I expected a really tall keyboard..

  11. Donbros

    So it was better as first impression board than actual deep dive review. I kinda expected that – it is flashy keyboard, but not very reliable. Who does static oled… Couldn't they just add good old ips led

  12. sahem великий змей

    Thomas, you really need to review asus rog claymore 2, it has detachable numpad to, but with different attach mechanism, it’s wireless and it has interesting switches

  13. offbrandbiscuit

    Man's got four COM Surrogate processes running in the background and complains about keyboard software being voyeuristic…

  14. Luca Braun

    Hello Chyro, i have an everest on my own and asked the Support abbout the Oled- screens and how they prevent the pixel burn, that was their answer: "We use pixel shift to move pixels every so often. Near impossible to notice but it keeps the screens happy :)"

  15. bladeand cloak

    Razer will always make the best keyboards.

  16. Jack Hart

    "Flat earth units" absolutely killed me. Nice one!

  17. tobi

    why would anyone get this kind of junk instead of a steelseries apex pro?

  18. whiteoutback

    Americans using Imperial units
    The Brits who started it and left it make fun
    "Hang on, this whole operation was your idea"

  19. Foddey_

    10:06 i just got jumpscared

  20. MΔRIΘ

    This has to be one of the ugliest boards you've reviewed.

  21. Slushy Reviews

    idk if this is an unpopular opinion, but I like the way the CNC marks look. Looks really nice in the light IMO. I understand the want for a polished version tho.

  22. inund8

    Left hand numpads are essential IMO for CAD monkeys like me. Entering in dims is sooo much faster when you don't have to swap btn numpad and mouse

  23. GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

    I hope you get to try the System 76 Launch.

  24. Sal

    1lb 15 22470/54672oz works out to 890.5g. I feel betrayed!

  25. Mad Dog

    Just another stupid design.

  26. Primark Bargain Bin

    that drop 10:06 is not for the feint of heart.

  27. Socky Noob

    notices switches

    Welp. Another keyboard that'll never truly be good thanks to using shitty MX switches. At least we get Thomas' reactions to it.

  28. Ramez Rifai

    Right before watching this video I got an ad for the laser projection keyboard, and that seems to be a solid reminder to all of us that things could be way worse.

  29. Gabie Dubin

    can you review the drop ctrl keyboard please?

  30. en3rgy187

    3 pin switch mounts. I had prepurchased this keyboard and when I saw the GMMK Pro coming out I cancelled my Everest order and bought my GMMK Pro. Nice keyboard though for sure. I wish it had 5 pins because I am not about to clip my expensive switches! 🙂 Thanks for the video m8y!

  31. Peter Müller

    Why would you design a product where every component uses a different design language O_o

  32. D34TH

    The official unit of measurement for industry in the united states is metric

  33. Christopher Johnson

    stuck between buying this and gmmk pro. might have made up my mind here lol. I use a numpad like once a month for bills and financial tracking so having one isn't super necessary. And i want the extra desk space for gaming (FPS low sens). The detachable numpad caught my eye but idk if it's worth it…

  34. JessicaFEREM

    I really don't see the need for this keyboard, especially considering that you can just get a mechanical numpad and a tenkeyless or compact for the same effect at considerably less price.

  35. AndUm

    Further stuff to make fun of us for: grains as a measurement unit, as it only makes sense with cartridges.

  36. Varrisk

    Seriously though. I have to unsubscribe because it's more about stupid insults than keyboards anymore.

  37. Rainbowed Panda

    Wow finally a honest review! There’s so much hype for this keyboard but this is by far the best review!

  38. D Jaquith

    As someone who uses both metric and imperial .. metric is just as much made up stupidity as imperial. What about 880.0657554673256g? However rounding BS aside. Numbers that would have any meaning would based upon Hydrogen (H1), Speed of light in a vacuum, etc. And don't get me started on why everything has to be base 10, if we had eight fingers and toes we would have base 8. Not some arbitrary distance like a length of someone's foot or the distance to a moving floating so-called North Pole.

  39. Trenxee

    Now this is what I call a honest review! Brutal bashing of bad features and design. Did you get it for free from manufacturer?


    Hey Thomas, I just snagged a gold badge Omnikey 102 from a recycling center and it's not in great shape, but definitely salvageable from a keyfeel standpoint. I haven't been able to get it to talk to my Soarer's converter nor directly to a PS/2 port (I'm using a 5-pin DIN to PS/2 adapter). Any tips outside your Alps restoration guide?

  41. UNprofessional Reviews

    The only thing stopping me from wasting mah precious yeehaws on this board is the 3 pin switch bullshit. And now its everything else wrong with it. What a shit machining job, yo and those oled buttons will burn in your icons into them really nice in a few months. Great design.

  42. Lachlan Briggs

    I'd love to see a Chyrosran22 review of the Redragon K605 Alien Super Big Keyboard.
    It's definitely on the newer era of keyboards, but it's got something to hold against the competition, it's massive size. It's like an aircraft carrier and a cheap Chinese 60% had a baby

  43. Male Sensitivity

    Great vid! Mountain (or whatever) would be better off making the numpad wireless/ and selling it separately with a 5-pin hot swappable PCB. Forget about the keyboard and OLED thing. It's pointless and probably costs the company a fortune in packaging and shipping expense.

  44. Professor

    Thanks for this review. I was very tempted to buy this as my first upgrade out of shit gaming keyboards. It was good to hear someone actually talk about how practical these features are, and also not conveniently leave out all the shit that doesn't work, like some other youtube shills.

  45. Mr Yoda

    Have you tried the mouse by chance?

  46. Daijyobanai

    Why are Ducky the only ones smart enough to put the software ON THE BOARD?
    AS someone who uses both WIndows and Linux daily, having a fully functional keyboard on both systems without having to install crapware is a major selling point for Ducky.
    Even the windows machine is not immune, as it's owned by work and what can be installed is restricted, so a kb crapware has to be "applied for" via the IT dept.

  47. Rogue Celeste

    I was so excited for you to review this after a bunch of the big tech YouTubers got ahold of them just so I could compare, and man. More like contrast. Way to expose the false hype.

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