Modern Warfare 2 PC Gameplay and Impressions…

Modern Warfare 2 PC Gameplay is finally here as well as a brand new game mode! Let’s check it out and see how it feels, plus …


  1. jackfrags

    Hope you guys like this, my setup is absolutely chalked right now but I think we pulled it off here 😉

  2. Just a Yank West Ham fan

    Hope you have a fun and safe travel in the USA 🇺🇸 Jack been watching you for years

  3. MrGE2014SE

    free on game pass in June 2023.

  4. Matthew Lamar

    Can you tell me how pc players moving too fast like they on speed lol I think they already got hacks

  5. Treebeard Clips

    I think they've seen your video. Ground War is live!

  6. joe kh

    BF 4 😅

  7. Arturo jr. Villegas Delreal

    Every since they added pc I swear to God I saw atleast 3 cheaters also saw videos of it

  8. Joseph's Gaming

    i never saw anyone on yt doing its campaign all play online like people… stop grow up show the full game stop doing only your way of gameplay

  9. jkn84

    There's no way this game was in development for 3 years I'm not buying it, and the engine is definitely not new, but most importantly the game in not worth $70.

  10. Brad Nadeau

    Cod tries to be battlefield and battlefield tries to be cod

  11. Pew

    this is literally MW 2019 with 0 changes, and people will claim this is somehow different lmao

  12. 3AG4

    Do you agree with me that cod should be more like rdr2 when it comes to running around all the time? More realistic would be that they can get tired and just to slow it a bit…

  13. Quimoly

    Sorry Jack I think is my time to leave, hope you have fun with cod I guess

  14. Onatics

    looks exactly like the same as mw1 LOL

  15. Globe King Records

    The game is fun and has alot of potential,but I hope they make improvements in the audio of the surrounding environment. Tried different settings and I get jumped or shot at from my own team 😅.

  16. silender

    Nice video jack,they main problem for me is how to find game,no servers to choose,i want choose the server like the BF4,or the oldest Calls,now you play 80ms,and the others 16,or 20ms,can you play?i want a comment and why they do this!

  17. Captain Chats

    Just been playing on my pc and I’m getting around 60-80 frames per second at 4K.

  18. Pradeep Ajay

    0:50 turn there is poster rendering

  19. Jared Turner

    Here is my review of the MW2 beta it is pretty Fooken average, lasted two games before I was bored with it

  20. Justin Flynn

    Turns out all CoD needed to do to be good again was to copy Battlefield?

  21. rollie rollie

    so essentually theyve turned cod into battlefield.

  22. Douglas McInally

    Like how you describe ground war without saying what I think you want to say lol ok so ground war is like erm erm erm Battlefield that’s what is like lol 👍

    This game looks soo good

  23. Oliver John

    Played some of the beta tonight im actually excited for this cod. The tdm is so intense brought back original modernwarefare vibes and thats a golden feeling.

  24. Terrence Hackworth

    They took out cancel reload this sucks, you die so much more,

  25. HarryHoudini

    It's an OK game, not amazing

  26. Watson Family

    anyone else getting a weird shimmering effect on surfaces in game?

  27. Schmunkstueck

    SBMM is still in, right? So Im not going to buy it.

  28. Julian Lau

    How do you get your colours so perfectly saturated

  29. klik klak

    So I don’t see talk about this selecting a game or selecting anything in menu I have to hit space to select after I hover over it Why can’t you just click and it works on console or is it on pc the same way can’t change the key ins either

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