LTT is About to Change.

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  1. NOTAC Gaming


  2. Peter Hollitzer

    Maybe i missunderstood u; and you ideas… but imho u became too big/too rich… new house for "parents", new factory, und u leave the way, where normal "customers" (the basic) always loved to watch your vids.. Imho all or mostly most of them i liked them, cause the had the touch "U are one of us"… For me it´s not important, what u figured out in the background; why u recommand a building, and how as the way till there… but are u sure, that I am intersted, if a build have one sone more, than a other??? Nope, Dude… u allready left your followers long time before, u are not anymore the nerd, sharing advices…it´s buisness, not more, not less.. and the way, how fast u grow, i fear, that the day will come, where u cant tell us anymore new, and made filler vids; or b… u get an heartattack, ur… u r sick of that what u do… or, the fanboys became better than u… and most of them, still recomand u/ur advices, but meanwhile, the also became closer to the basic… and when i would ask them "Hey, dude, what pink laptop u use/i always could see in your vids- i would buy it, cause i love the color…"…i would get an answer from them…. I asked u (and others too), long time before: Tell me the specs of your pink laptop, i would buy it… and guess… i never got an answer… and i guess, our coments doesn´t care you… only important is: How many clicks have your vid, how may clicks have your chanel… the rest, means income, ist the same business, as the one from influencer… doesnt matter, what u tell, as long as there enough clicks, as much money is income. good luck to your new way

  3. RiftArgentEviany

    It is really sad you guys are in Canada… relocating for this in Europe might actually be worth it.

  4. Mark V. Kristiansen

    EMF emission would be next level

  5. Manuel Avellan

    Soooo Boring!

  6. Carlos Gómez Castellanos

    Working in your team will be a dream, but… I'm from Spain. I have 20 years of repairing and testing harware experience, but my best aspiration as a technician is stay working on a little repairing shop in my town. Keep going forward on your way, it's awesome been watching you and your team growing up.

  7. James Pietracatella

    as a man who built a PC capable of playing all AAA titles at 1440p high settings JUST to end up playing Diablo 3, I totally respect the "flex on these bitches" approach to this video.

  8. SpinRecords

    man i knew linus when i was just trying to find a video on knowing how to build a pc when i was 12 and at the age of 13 i was able to build a pc on my own. i have checked his review on the a87600 back when ddr3 was the name of the game and ddr4 has just stepped in, when he was still in NCIX and then the wan show and so on and here we are now. proud of you linus. thanks for giving me everything i needed <3

  9. deequu

    I’m interested in Audio, soundbars, speakers, etc is helpful.

  10. Orley Eduardo

    this would be awesome if you used this to make some sort of quality test and catalog for the devices you test… Like the psus 80+ evaluation

  11. Furious Fap

    As much as i hate ads i do appreciate that you work them in in a way that gets them over with quickly and interrupts the actual content minimally

  12. TJ Sorinake

    Respect! I'm looking forward to seeing all your plans take shape.

  13. Ken Echo

    My man is out here building an empire

  14. samsamm777

    Youre going to need to talk to Keysight Labs!

  15. Blighted Iris

    I would really love to see audio related stuff in general!

  16. João Oliveira

    Headphones FR curve test seems cool

  17. Michael McChesney

    It is amazing how far Linus has taken an unboxing tech YouTube channel in a little over 10 years. 10 years from now, LTT may be the largest employer in Canada. Well more likely just the Vancouver area.

  18. Takumi VS

    Imagen 8 x G9 monitors 0:16

  19. Mario PlayR

    "I'm a big…I'm not gonna read that!"
    "you have to"
    "I'm a big N O."

  20. Thehell88

    another fake video…

  21. HyberCrashDK

    Sounds god damn exciting!! congrats on the big move.

    PS. Please don't put people at desk, in a room with no windows… Its illegal in my country. i don't know if it is in Canada.

  22. Steven Whiting

    Could of gone into property development as well. Built your own warehouse then rented it to yourself.

  23. Brandt Air

    Well I was not watching because I would be excited. I am still a bit anxious for it becoming so big that it really becomes a faceless company. However great to see you guys excited like this and I hope you guys reach the quality you are aming for.

    (I was watching this making lunch.)

  24. Dan Skelton

    I'll probably get slanted by so many kiddies for this, but I think Linus has become a complete sellout. I feel he was more genuine and caring about his videos and stuff back in his NCIX days and when they moved into that house they had. Now it just feels souless, and he only cares about money. I miss the old Linus.

  25. Steven Whiting

    What about working from home? People from the UK need not apply?

  26. jacques parent

    It's N ZEEEEE XT build…. Zeeeeeeee

  27. Steven Whiting

    Making the place green would also be a good move, although I'm assuming no place for solar panels? Just don't have the "merch" made in China. The current state of China, its not a good look.

  28. Brian Thomas

    So job opportunities have now turned into YouTube videos. Love the innovation Linus. You're going to do very well. Now CNET (CBS a Juggernaut in the industry) is going to be your competition. I love it. Go get'em!

  29. usaynight

    A god for gamers

  30. SH1DORI

    The only thing I hope will not change, is how you introduce sponsorship. :DD

  31. Will Ostrick

    This is the best thing I have seen on the internet for along time !!!! Go get them boys 🙂

  32. Lucas Celeste


  33. Uncle Fisto

    A room with a trampoline-like floor for all the things Linus drops would be incredible.

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