Kmart Premium Gaming Headphones with Mic Test

Kmart Australia Can you guys hurry up and sponsor me please? #kmart #gaming #sponso r Kmart has been selling some incredible budget friendly pc …


  1. Animalextreme Brother

    Another Kmart gaming video let’s go! I’m so glad you are doing more Kmart gaming videos

  2. Animalextreme Brother

    I also hope you review the Kmart gaming speakers or soundbar when your 1st Kmart gaming video reaches its 1 year

  3. Matt Cowens

    Love your videos brother.

  4. Matt Cowens

    I'm always curious about mic output level – what mic level in windows was this recorded at? I have the kogan 7.1 gaming headset and the mic sounds great but a touch quiet at 100%

  5. WippyWop

    Ay lets go been waiting for this for a while

  6. Paddy Alexander

    Love the kmart vids hope they sponsor you soon

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