James Dean and Paul Newman Screen Test

Test East of Eden


Test East of Eden


  1. It's Liam

    Icons of physical male beauty

  2. Dennis Vaccato

    They were only kidding.Besides
    only James Dean was gay.

  3. rihanna navy

    They are giggiling to eachother and im here for it

  4. Gregory Papadopoulos

    Dean was definately in love with Newman and you can tell by the way he was looking at him, like a girl checking out a boy, that kind of look. And then he couldn't resist anymore, so he said "kiss me" . And he was rejected by Newman because he was obviously straight.

  5. Yousif ruthless

    0:12 jimmy bite his lips

  6. DG

    Not to be morbid but Newman was fortunate that James Dean died , that Monty Clift slid into a slow suicide, and that Brando imploded in the late 1950s. If not he would be getting film scripts with all 3 of those guys footprints on them for his entire career.

  7. DG

    Jimmy Dean would have blown Newman off the screen. Also, they don’t look at all like brothers.

  8. William Overly

    They both liked fast cars.

  9. Geraldine Greenwood


  10. Dale Baker

    There youngsters in this clip.

  11. zero chris

    apparently they were LOVERS

  12. Anna Lisa

    So much beauty it's almost hard to watch. I love them both and they are so talented too 😍

  13. Isadora Lima

    can't hear or not here?

  14. Paul Walker

    Two legendary people.. Won't be forgotten either of them.

  15. Deborah 5122

    I don't believe
    that Paul Newman, and James Dean had sexual feelings for each other.

    Do you think Heath Ledger, and Jake Gyllenhaal had sexual encounters too?

    I think you are seeing what you want to see.

  16. boisterous billyclub

    James gay, Paul not as much. End.

  17. Dyn Jarren

    Amazing that they had a joint screen test! Two legendary actors! After Deans death Newman took the Role of the prizefighter Rocky that Dean was slotted to do. Newman became the new screen idol once Dean was out of the picture. I think Dean was much more expressive an actor than Newman ever could be but then Dean was head and shoulders above everyone except Brando in my opinion!

    Newman was great in many roles and I really liked him in Cool Han Luke. That was my favorite film of his. And he was good as Fast Eddie Felson in the Hustler. Those two movies are my favorites of his!

    Still, Dean towered over everyone except Brando! But once he was killed his amazing career and dominance of acting was over!
    My favorites of his were Rebel and Giant! He was the rebel teen or punk before punk even existed!

    And in Giant he stole the whole movie from Hudson and Taylor even though they were the main characters and stars of the movie! Dean dominated every scene he was in!

    East of Eden was too much melodrama for me but it was still a powerful portrayal of a youth looking for his fathers approval and his mother’s love and getting neither! His brother after finding out the truth about his mother just goes insane and smashes his head through a plate glass window! A Powerful but painful film!

    I prefer Rebel where Dean plays the Anti Hero and teenage father, Natalie Wood the teenage mother and Sal Mineo , who idolizes Dean, is their teenage son! He assembles another alternate teen family and of course, it doesn’t last long before tragedy hits!

    And in Giant,Dean ends up making Rock Hudson’s acting look wooden by comparison! Even if he’s tall and handsome his acting looks bad and shallow by comparison to Deans! What a legacy!

  18. رائد الطائي


  19. Gian Carlo Caramaschi

    James..my childhood mith.
    I love you.

  20. Tatts Kink

    Homophobes these two clearly were attracted to each other! I hope they got to act on this.

  21. remy paraskovia

    I wonder if Paul Newman Knew too

    Some of his co/stars we're playful with him maybe cuz they knew

    You can clearly see there's some sexual tension between them

  22. Micheal Currie

    Cliff, Dean, Brando, Newman. Changed America.

  23. KL LWC


  24. MrCarl

    That's James Franco and Matthew Mcconaughey.

  25. Alejandro Arellano

    Paul, say: csn't here…

  26. Alejandro Arellano

    Can't here!!!!,.Parece que ahí había onda entre ellos!!!!!

  27. Alejandro Arellano

    Esa risa es de nerviosismo, pero había onda…..

  28. Susan Kelly

    Years ago I sat under a tree playing with a dog tied to the tree and this man sat. On the ground next to us And watched us with a smile!! I looked and gasped "" Mr Neuman is this your dog I'm petting??" He said " Yes you can continue petting him if you want" I tried to stay calm with just me , the dog and Paul sitting. On the ground under this tree! Lol I said "" Sir, your dog has light blue eyes like you and your dog looks so much like you / get it both blue eyes??" Paul jumped. Up and went to his movie trailer slamming the door!! I cried later telling my hubby and he laughed saying " Honey, you may be the only woman who told him he looks like a dog!!! He didn't help matters. Lol. He was in KC filming 2 miles from my home Mr and Mrs Bridges.

  29. Konstanty K.

    Newman admitted to Barbara Walters in a 1984 TV interview (I remember it well) that he felt a sort of guilt over his success which came ONLY after Dean's tragic death when he "inherited" JD's 7-yr contract beginning with"Somebody Up There Likes Me" which was to be Dean's next movie Newman always lost to Dean (there was fierce rivalry) in their NYC yrs — He was just NOT the natural, brilliant actor that Dean was, very "wooden" in comparison.

  30. Lu Lu

    Dean is so flirtatious.

  31. Cwm368

    Newman was bi and jimmy was gay. They had an affair.

  32. thecatman4ever

    I think Paul Newman would have kissed James Dean if the cameras were not rolling. In many an interview Marlon Brando claimed that he had sexual relations with Newman and that he was bisexual just like Dean was. Two gorgeous men and two of my favorite actors. Thank you for uploading this video : )

  33. Alec Davidoff

    I did not know NEwman did this

  34. V. A. LONDON

    James Dean is so natural.. He isn't even trying.. x

  35. X⃞ A⃞ N⃞ D⃞ E⃞ R⃞

    Two men looking at each other
    Everyone: ThE sExUaL tEnSiOn

  36. Starfire

    I don't like short guys.

  37. Jenjen 100000

    Boy, the way Dean is looking at Newman I amazed he managed to control himself.

  38. Jim Colyer

    TRUMP 2020

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