Intimacy Anorexia and Narcissism | Discerning the Issues | Dr. Doug Weiss

For the last 30 years, licensed psychologist has helped thousands of couples deal with issues like sex addiction and intimacy anorexia. In this video, Dr. Doug …


  1. Melissa B

    This came at a very perfect time…. thank you so much Dr Weiss

  2. Lisa Chapman

    Thank you so much! Crying now but so hopeful after watching this video

  3. be kind

    I've been married 40 years to the same man and I might be dealing with both issues. But everyone loves him . Now my adult child has determined I'm not treating him well enough. It's like what?

  4. GROID-19

    Good quality presentation.

  5. June howard

    I was wondering if all addicts had NPD! There’s definitely a thin line between them when it comes to symptoms.

  6. peace 2u

    did you remove my comment?

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