Importing Smartphones aka Pixel 6 In India? Beware Of These Things!

Importing or Buying Smartphones not launched in India like the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro in India what are the things you need to know when buying imported …


  1. Geekyranjit

    Unboxing and Overview of the Google Pixel 6 Smartphone Do you think Google should have officially launched Pixel 6 series smartphones in India.

  2. sourav gayen

    Easy way to bypass/ fool customs- unbox the phone activate it and carry it as your second phone.

  3. Aaditya Menon

    Hey Ranjit, had one doubt. Like the iPhone international warranty, Will AppleCare+ bought from the US work in India?

  4. Farman khan

    Very informative… The only reason why I love to watch Ranjeet!

  5. Aster The Baster

    but how will they know the cost of the products I'm bringing if they aren't available in India lol, I can easily say Its damaged or refurbished. Bas khel khatam. as long as you're not bringing multiple handsets you're fine

  6. Aster The Baster

    hes right though pixel 6 and 6 pro are so high in demand retailers in the U.s can't get their hands on it till mid to end December. I got mine luckily last one in the shop and wasn't entered into the system yet.


    My mom has pixel 3 gifted by sis from US, it's screen got problem within warranty, Google India supported picked up phone from home repaired and delivered back to home for free that too in a tier 3 city.

    It took 15 days total but they do provide services.

  8. Arun Amarnath

    Sir i think regarding the customs duty what you said was wrong. Incase let's take the price what you said pixel 6 is costing 54000 net price after tax, when you import any article of value above 50000 you have pay the duty for the amount in excess of 50000 at the rate of 38.5% so in the current case import duty will be levied only on 4000 so duty comes to rs.1540

  9. Swami Guru

    Thanks for doing this video. Very informative 👍🏼

  10. VN Visuals


  11. Pankaj Dang

    sir please make an unboxing video of lava agni smartphone

  12. kshitij Bhole

    Customs does not apply for used personal goods

  13. Kunjappan Menon

    Good video!

  14. hitesh mamtora

    Will pixel 5a work if it's imported to India?

  15. karthikupadhya

    Hi, the information you've given is incorrect. You only pay duty on the value that is in excess of the duty free allowance. So if your phone costs 60k, you only pay duty on the 10k excess and not the entire amount.

  16. maxmavrick7

    Finally someone shade light on this topic. Never ever imported any smartphone before. But pixel 6 tempted me to get my hands on one even knowing all the cons.


    Sir pixel 3 Xl,wifi & bluetooth not working.i have resetted it & updated it to Android 12 also & i am in afrcia right now,no repair shop or service center.Please help

  18. Keshav G

    Very helpful 😍 thank you so much sir

  19. Nizar Source

    I wonder why the product costs more in our country compared to richer countries like US . It should be charged less in OUr country because lot of middle income groups so that people wont do this kind of things. if the price is reasonable, why the people has to go for such things ?

  20. Nizar Source

    very informative

  21. Viral Patel

    Sir, my quetion is Pixel 6 is working seamlessly(Both Sim) in the India?

  22. buzzbatra3

    Ranjit ji #1

  23. Writwik Ghosh Dostidar

    Really thanks to you for the details clarification. I have pixel 4a, i want to upgraded it to Pixel 5a and for that I was going to buy that phone from Amazon. Thank you for made me clear.

  24. Sunil Rameschandra

    Yes after apple best customer services you get from oneplus as I bought oneplus 8pro from India and oneplus UK repaired my mobile also my friend bought oneplus nord from chines 3rd party Website and oneplus UK replaced his screen. ONEPLUS customer services are great.

  25. Saikat Chatterjee

    Get rid of the box and carry the phones in your pockets …..

  26. Nihar Pednekar

    There is this thing called personal baggage which they don't check, my sister bought me iPhone 11 pro max without unboxing it.

  27. Anurag Jain

    very informative, Mr. Ranjeet

  28. Ranjith Kumar

    Very useful info discussed .. in short importing premium phones is clearly avoidable

  29. Ranjith Kumar

    Too risky to buy pixel 6 pro considering lack of warranty support in india

  30. Rajan Sowri

    You are right. It is better to wait for the Google Pixel 6 Pro to come to India. I had a terrible experience with FedEX.

  31. rajan mandaliya

    similar to this, here is my experience, recently my friend ordered google pixel 5a 5g for 42K price which is not stable via amazon india without any warranty. after reading many reviews listed below that product page bcz he is still using pixel 2 xl & wanted pixel device bcz of that amazing camera, & after buying that pixel 5a 5g, his experience is so great, bcz no android device gives such a crazy camera features in android, battery back up is incredible, u don't get fancy features like every chinese OEMs pushing in market like 60 watt charging and 4 or 5 camera but what u get is the best, though it has nearly 4600 mah battery but mobile is compact, no smartphone android side in india provides such best practical build & design with ip rating, & camera features are simly amazing or u can say amazingly simple, user simplicity is there no any clutter feature in there so if u ready to take risk u can better go with this device for its unique features, u will never get cherry 🍒 on top of ice cream but ice cream it self is so better that u never ask for cherry once u start using it, thanks
    ranjit sir pls review pixel 5a 5g if u manage it from anywhere, wanted to know ur thoughts on it

  32. Arvind N V S

    If pixel costs 52000, you don't have to pay 35% of 52k. instead it mentions it will be levied on whatever value is in excess of duty free allowance, that means 38% of 2k. Clear from the screenshot posted on 2:28

  33. TuffCrow

    what if i go to USA for training purpose or u can say internship for a year, and i buy an iPhone or maybe a macbook after landing there and use it for the whole year, then while coming back to India, do i have to pay the customs for that product too??

  34. Mayank Purohit

    Just call it USED PERSONAL EFFECTS. there's no charger in box anyway. 20-21k just for the box is not worth it.

  35. Nitish Kharat

    Yes pixel 6 pro 120000 true lol 🤣🤣 without bill

  36. Argha Kamal Ganguly

    I am planning to buy the mi pad pro. It is not released in India. I don't think so it will be launched in India.

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