iLoud Micro Monitor vs Audioengine A2+ || Sound Demo w/ Bass Test

Audioengine A2+ on amazon US: Audioengine A2+ on amazon DE: iLoud Micro Monitor on amazon US: …


  1. miguel manuel

    Hi DS 🙂
    What do you think at the end of the year make a top 5 of your favorite speakers of 2017? Or a top 5 of speakers below x €?
    Even if you do not already have the speakers, you can use parts of the videos you've already made, it's just a video that shows your opinion.
    By 2018 you could do this every month or every six months.
    What do you think of the idea?

  2. Alin Jon

    Please Edifier 1800BT vs Microlab SOLO 6c.

  3. Nguyen Boy

    audioengine A2+ . can it be connected to the iphone to play music??

  4. SLAM Music

    Please test Behringer MS40's

  5. Ignacio Flores

    I love my audioengine a2+ speakers, sounds very natural tone 😉

  6. johnny.w

    Excellent demo. I'd have to give it to Audio Engine for more clarity.

  7. drengeven

    Thank you for the effort with all the iLoud videos. Helped so much and was surprisingly entertaining

  8. John Hooper

    I ordered them today for my 2.0 tv/playstation set up.. looking forward to it..

  9. elukok

    The iLoud sound much better to me. Fuller and richer sound, much more low end.

  10. Cuerex

    the iloud sounds twice as big as the a2+

  11. behemothinferno

    Iloud sound much fuller with better low end response and more oomph

  12. nayarm no.1

    sam sam

  13. Ness Recordz

    Bought the ilouds the early 2018 and im telling you now these are true sound love them and i have 5 inch monitors and 8 inch monitors i most likely use the iloud at all times dont get me wrong you could get a pair of rokit 5 for the price or some tannoy reveal 502 but these are a good addition to the studio

  14. MadMaxx

    This comparison video convinced me to go with the iLoud. Just got a set in all white for my laptop audio. Thank you for your great work!!

  15. extremumone

    A2+ too much HFreq in 4kHz+, cymbals mask everything else. Ofc it can be ofset by turning them more than 45 degrees from the listeners axis, but you know…
    here they fail all vocal tests.
    aand A2+ don't have LF compared to iLouds. wow

  16. Po Ting Lui

    Please audioengine A2+ vs JBL 104

  17. Gay cha

    Who performs "Man on Fire'?

  18. tveyeonyou

    Have read very mixed opinions on the A2+ — haven't yet seen criticism re: iLoud… It's kinda obvious the iLoud can get down deeper with the bass — but (listening thru my cheap Logitechs) I find the A2+ much brighter, more open, more musical details shown — to me the iLoud sounds more compressed, closed, contained. …shop on!

  19. Tommy Shing

    for me, definitely IK for sure

  20. 민트초코빌런

    iLoud mm 꼭 사라 0:43

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