I was WAITING for this: M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro Review

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  1. T. Bakker

    They took the circuitboard of the Oxygen series and downgraded the look of this controller.
    If they took out the plastic lightshow and dropped the Pro, so it’s a Hammer 88, up it €50,-, I would be interested.
    I mean to me the Hammer 88 looked like an affordable Kawai VPC1, but this doesn’t.
    Now you can just buy a Roland FP-30X, Kawai ES-110 or a Yamaha P-125 for the same money, but it’s more of a piano.

  2. Nandakesav 1

    Bro where is your birthplace in india

  3. Jun Yan Wong

    Hi Sanjay, what are the pros and cons between an 88 key controller with plugins and a digital / stage piano? Can a plugin sound and feel as good as a stage piano? Thanks!

  4. Emily M

    I hit like before I heard my DAW though (as is tradition for your videos lol; I just click the button when it starts XD). But there it was, my beloved Bitwig 😀 Great and extensive review as always!

  5. Insert any name you want

    I think I`ll go with distrokid soon. Although I heard it holds money for those that not from USA

  6. Dino Fancellu

    You say its cheaper than the Arturia mk2 88, but specifically, which feels better to you?

    I ask as I already have a Arturia mk2 61, which obv doesn't have weighted keys, and am looking at upgrading


  7. Chad Kettering

    How do the knobs feel? Are they wobbly? Do they have consistent resistance from knob to knob?

  8. Music Manifested

    Excellent review Sanjay! The M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro certainly looks like a digital piano. I love the fact that they have included knobs, faders & 16 drum pads. Its ability to work with most DAWs is amazing. The Arpeggiator, Chord and scale features are awesome. Overall, I think this keyboard is value for money.

  9. Sav·oir Faire

    M-Audio has always been a cheaper-but limited-option over the last 15+ years.

  10. fmartin09

    I encourage you to try the Kawai VPC1 (I own it.) Makes all other key-beds feel like toys (a lot more expensive though.) Love your tutorials!

  11. Christopher The Producer

    I’m glad I know where my Stimulus Check will be going. Lol 🎹

  12. Jonathan Bruce

    Great video… I’ve been hanging off looking for a decent midi controller for a while now and then you post this video…. right up my street!! i would use it on Cubase more than Logic anyway. I prefer 88 keys. 😉

  13. Piet Degeling

    Can someone tell me what a useful midi keyboard for use with ipad GarageBand is?

  14. Obed Tari

    Please where can I buy this brand piano keyboard?

  15. Johanwillfir

    Hi Sanjay! Just came from your Komplete Kontrol M32, so sorry if this is a silly unrelated question. You can still add drum sounds with strictly keys? Or do you need the drum pad to make certain sounds, thus requiring the drum pad as well. Again, sorry if this question is stupid, have a good day!

  16. Marco Kropp

    Hey Sanjai, why is it, do you think, that they still aren't adding motorized faders to all this midi controllers?
    I might just get the Behringer X-Touch or maybe jump straight into the SSL UF8. . . . . I want it for my automations. . . and also, just to fancy some animated fader during my channel browsing. . . . i don't really need it, its just an infatuation I suppose.

  17. Sarthak Trivedi

    When is this going to launch in india?

  18. Shakti Rathore

    I'd love to compare this with akai mpk88, which as far as i can remember, isn't cheap!

  19. Luke Karmokar Shouro

    I am beginner.
    I've decided to buy a keyboard by which I will be able to compose song , so, should i bui it?

  20. Jimi Ray Vaughan

    Hi Sanjay – Let's say you had a choice of the 3 (Keylab 88 Mk II, NI S88 MkII, Hammer 88 pro), for your desert island weighted daw controller (ya the desert Island has a kickass studio without a keyboard), no budget factors or anything, which do you choose?

  21. J S Pahadi

    Just One Thing WoW ♥️

  22. Rahav Krishnan

    Hi Sir. Could u please tell which is the best midi keyboard for a price of 135 dollars. My CTK-245 became dead. Thanks in advance

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