How to Use LockDown Browser + Respondus Monitor to Protect Exam Integrity | Canvas | Instructure

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  • How to Use LockDown Browser + Respondus Monitor to Protect Exam Integrity | Canvas | Instructure

„LockDown Browser is a custom browser that prevents digital cheating during Canvas quizzes. Respondus Monitor is a companion product for LockDown …


  1. Ashlee Espinosa

    This is super helpful! I was not aware of Lockdown and Respondus Monitor and I teach online with Canvas at many different colleges. Thanks for this walk through. I've been creating tutorials for my colleges on my channel and this will be very helpful for them as well! thanks again.

  2. Christina Parrish

    Is there a way to let students review their results after the exam has ended? While still using the browser? For test security we do not allow them to view the correct answers while taking the exam but would later like a way to let them see their answers without compromising the exam.

  3. Eccentric Gamer

    More like how to violate students' privacy and compromise their personal computers with thinly-disguised spyware.

  4. Renan Monteiro Barbosa

    It’s so easy to hack. Why pay a dumb software that is broken if all you need is a good communication teacher to student. Trust is free.

  5. Theo Lumina

    Lockdown browser in short:
    If you type too fast, it crashes
    If you do too much formatting, it crashes
    If you open too many tabs, it crashes
    If you look away too from the camera for too long in an open book exam, it crashes
    No matter you are a first class student or bottom of the pile, you won’t get anything close to an A. Thanks Lockdown Browser. F**K U!

  6. Mariana Weaver

    does the webcam continue recording after the exam is submitted?

  7. Joseph Sylvan

    FYI it's been hacked

  8. Lucy

    Its incredibly intrusive. I deeply believe its not safe. (Thing of all the people in IT who cover their camera and microphone, and they aren't even hold hostage and forced to download this).
    If I knew that my school (which apparently has no regards to its students – only in words but 0 regards in action) with all the problems my University has…huge pile, like school loans they leave rotting in their drawers for merely whole semester. I wouldn't do this. And if classmates would be actually some decent people of substance – we could all just refused to take this. But… you know society…)

    Its horrible experience. That stuff even doesn't work. Some ppl could not log in for half an hour with thus – excuse me – i personally consider it malware. And literally its experience I would compare to Hitler invading a country. – you have to allow it in to your computer, your household and you can't even put hand on your forehead. You have to best not move not breath, and I was afraid if I accidentally automatically again place hand on my forehead Im gonna get electrical shock.
    Btw my school as of now – its computer lab can't comply with its respondus requirements, but forces students to use it on their laptops… lol

    Find if your school is using this s..t and avoid it. Find a decent school that actually has a concern and respect for you, your safety, – not just in rhetorics.

    Oh and btw – yes, you still could cheat with this if you would want to. I didn't but I know how I could.

  9. Kori

    "good algorithms" my balls
    bypassed this shit easy peasy

  10. Andrea Newman

    I tried to take two quizzes. I spent 4 hours trying to get LD browser to work on canvas. Kept coming up error:01-AWS-0
    unable to connect to respondus server (AWS) and Unable to obtain exam title to determine webcam requirement. UGH!

  11. Rejina kumari

    Is there automatic camera option in Canvas platform?

  12. crestina Aghavni

    time stamps please not everyone has the time to watch everything

  13. crestina Aghavni

    does it reecord eye movements

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