How to use iPad Air 4 + Tips/Tricks!

iPad Air 4 Fast Charger: Apple Pencil Clones: USB-C SSD Review:


  1. Giselle ;D

    Where did you find those wallpapers???🤩🤩

  2. Aisha Brown

    Can u play games without mouse on the iPad Air 4

  3. OpTiX

    iPhone XR version of the iPhone X

    (•_ •)

  4. Răz

    The thing with triple touch on the power button.. You change my life, thanks alot

  5. Benjamin Stephen

    Like myself, and of course everybody did the same thing, if i felt the original wallpaper on our tabs/iPad or smartphones/iPhone is boring, normally we just download our favourite picture and put in to the home and lockscreen wallpaper

  6. Haisi

    why am i obsessed with ur wallpaper

  7. Facebook Code purchase

    Rocktoolzz on insta was the only hacker that was able to unlock my device without stress after trying many hackers

  8. Facebook Code purchase

    Rocktoolzz on insta was the only hacker that was able to unlock my device without stress after trying many hackers

  9. jbtube73

    Very informative.

  10. R_On_Note

    Today I baught the iPad Air 4

  11. Joseph Rabino

    Me currently watching in first ipad air lol

  12. Built From Bricks

    I don't see an hdmi port on that hyperdrive adapter..

  13. Amanda M.

    You are legit! I've seen some of those other items (the less expensive option before) and wondered about them. Thanks for mentioning them and not just being 100% apple. I like my ipad but I also like to use alternative options sometimes or when I'm in a bind. Subbing for your honesty.

  14. U.E

    lol I always watch these Apple products while not even having them

  15. Q U I N T O N

    do you have issues with the Touch Folio case constantly dis- and reconnecting?

  16. Aimee Crawford

    Everyone’s getting the blue… including me 😂 it looks so good

  17. JoshuaTindel

    A iPad video that isn't bloated with Paperlike sponsorships and plugins? Nice.

  18. kimee_tarac

    not me watching without an ipad 🥰

  19. Rudra Premani

    IPad Air

    IPad Fire

    IPad Water

    IPad Earth

    long ago the four iPads live in harmony

    , then everything changed when the iPad Fires attacked

    only the iPavatar could stop them,

    but when the world needed them the most,

    he vanished

    100 years later my brother and I found the new IPavatar,

    an iPad Airbender name Aaple

    and all though his Airbender skills are great,

    he has a lot to learn before he can save anyone

    but I believe Aaple can save the world


    The Last IPad Air

    Edit: Not made by me. Check out MKBHD iPad Air video for the original creator of this joke.

  20. real haikyuu shit

    I'm getting an iPad for christmas..I'm looking at these videos so I won't drop it and break it. They're very fragile and I refuse to get my ass beat

  21. Lana Hussein

    Thx now i know what to do when my parents are gonna buy it

  22. Doston Akhmadkhudjaev

    What is name of thing that you show 3 rd one after when you showing powerbank

  23. Josiah Stearns

    All I can say is….. if you forget to put links in the description… like the wallpaper… you’re going to see a handful of people asking for the wallpaper! 😆😆😆
    (I saw your replies to them that you updated the description. It was just funny)

  24. Josiah Stearns

    Wow. That’s the first time I’ve seen that multitasking feature. I’m sure it’s obviously available on the iPad Pro… but it’s still pretty nifty.

    Was that introduced as part of iPad OS 14 ? Or was that already part of one of the previous versions ?

  25. Adrealle Madriaga

    I wish I had an iPad too…

  26. ツBrian

    I got an iPad 8 but I used to use the really old iPad 3 with the 4 pin charger so I think I am good with the iPad 8 for now. Also I went for budget.

  27. Elaiza Salboza

    Lol all i do is to watch unboxing cuz im too broke

  28. konikoni òwó

    im gonna get one when its my graduation (august 2021) cause my mom wants me to improve my (digital) art!


    Apple is now shipping New ipad pro's with 20W charger.

  30. NitrousGranola

    4:57 this is asking for to open up security vulnerabilities if you understand how these scanners work. HIGHLY recommend against this, just like people making Face ID “work” with masks.

  31. tobio chan

    i want to ask if the 1st generation apple pencil work with the ipad air 4?

  32. Eulo Duyao

    I tried the multiple finger print in my Xiaomi redmi note 9 and it works hahahah

  33. Anidya Raghav

    im waiting for black friday so that i can buy it at discounted price

  34. Avalon

    I have the iPad Pro 11” 2020, let’s just say idc about power…120 Hz it’s so worth it!

  35. John Dreadman


  36. Fjlpc

    Does ssd works with the new ipad air 4 ? Can you do video of it ? Thank you im curious cause im getting my ipad 64go air 2020 this week thanks again 🙏🏻

  37. Andres

    Where can you get the wallpaper of minute 4 16?

  38. Sonia Fedulova

    Am I the only one who likes light grey the best?

  39. CS

    I like your wallpapers!

  40. O_o

    My Dad just bought it yesterday

  41. Maqthehero Gameplay

    The only thing that disappointed me is the lack of pro motion. But it is still pretty good it has one of the best chips for a tablet if not the best

  42. swagata chakraborty

    Can you show a way to watch YouTube in full screen? In this ipad air

  43. Nathan

    Watching this from my iPad Air 4th gen

  44. Barancan Aslan Uzun

    I got a IPad Air 4 rosegold and IM SO THANKFUL AND THIS IPAD IS THE BEST

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