How to Defeat the Maus – World of Tanks Comedy (feat. Nobel_Wolf)

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  1. Mememan

    Bet you can't destroy a rat hehe

  2. Степан Волков

    Хрень этот ваш маус. Мс 1 другое дело

  3. smif_smif

    Wich Tank is the one always talking?

  4. MrEndrius79

    In the real world, the Maus would have been a total failure. Too slow, too heavy, too visible. A perfect target for Allied artillery and fighter bombers who now had control of the skies.

  5. Alexi Pilon

    So owning a maus in the game makes you invincible unless it's that tiny tank

  6. LoneWolfPlayz

    The only way to destroy maus: THE MOTHERF*KING RATTE

  7. Thiago dos Snaot


  8. Li xuanxuan


  9. The Corner Of The Internet

    I legit thought this was war thunder for a second lol

  10. muhammad farhan محمد فرحان

    are u ?! F! (F word)

  11. Pumpkin

    the Maus is totally in 10 hp when that MS-1 hit it

  12. Julie Johnson

    why didnt you use the t95

  13. Papsikoy TV

    Haha Poor Maus. 😂

  14. Papsikoy TV

    Haha Poor Maus. 😂

  15. Robert Kim


  16. Kao Animations TH

    If this was war thunder a APFSDS would killed the maus

  17. Ivan Mulder

    2:53 whas that boris

  18. Jeng Pillarina

    the maus on on the same tean thats why you cant distroy it lol

  19. Jeng Pillarina


  20. legends fade

    Tiny t1 to the rescue or whatever it was

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