Ham Radio Smartphone, Boxchip S700A Battery Test

OK.. So this is probably the most real world testing i can bring to you. Because I know everyone is going to ask. Many hours of music, a couple hours of DMR on …


  1. AJ2I CQ DX

    Let's setup a sked on 20m one day.-AJ2I

  2. Ham Bone

    send me that box chip, and let me test it out

  3. hailacab

    Hi how does it cope with screen burn when you have youtube constantly on screen

  4. Texas Dude

    Will it do conventional vhf repeaters?

  5. Steve Wright

    So lemme see, its a cellphone with built-in fast 4G internet, with a DMR CODEC that will encode analog voice to digital, transmit it over VHF/UHF to another Ham Radio base/repeater station with DMR CODEC, which will transmit it over the Internet to another base/repeater station and to another user? If both devices have fast 4G internet then what is the point?

  6. Steve Phipps

    Do all cell phone company's (Verizon/ ATT etc.) support connection for this phone ?

  7. jojojeep and things

    Do you need a license to transmit on one of the smart phone radios

  8. Custody Warriors

    Will this device connect to Gmrs/frs radio freqs?

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