First thoughts of the Logitech G303 Shroud Wireless Review

First thoughts of the Logitech G303 Shroud Wireless Review. This was when I live-streamed it and modded it over on twitch. full Teardown of the G303 Shroud …


  1. Demo Metalico

    I might not modding this mouse. Its not perfect out of the box but its fine

  2. Thế Phúc Nguyễn

    Those Omron 20m sound good anyway, but yeah – if you can do weight reduction on it, might just upgrade it to Kailh switches.

  3. Vasil Nikolaenko

    I see you've been enjoying that scroll wheel encoder!

  4. Dimiter Angelicheff

    2:13 this sound is from bed room, 2:15 this sound is from bath room(a little echo,because there are no openings) , both sounds are very good! I will definitely have this mouse

  5. StarcraftSwarm

    Any recommendations for a guy with 19/10 hands who loves the g303 and wants a simillar palm-claw/relaxed-claw mouse with higher build quality and more reasonable price?

  6. Claudio Sepulveda

    Still cant use a logitech stock….. shocking.

  7. M. K.

    long time g303 user, first time i saw those big gliders i was scared…ill grab this one once i see it on a decent sale

  8. Earl

    How easy is it to replace the swiches on this?

  9. Animatedron

    Got this mouse the other day, and it just feels too bloody large! Was so disappointed. Maybe it's my weird 17.5×10.5 hands. 😭

  10. Meow Tow

    Shroud fans are downvoting. 😆

  11. Adam L.

    Razer includes Kailh switches and perfect skates on their Orochi V2. It can be opened without destroying the skates. That thing was $42 today. And Logitech includes those bad skates and cheap Omrons with pre-travel on their $130 mouse. It's so overpriced it almost makes me sick. Anyway, the Orochi V2 is the best shape I've ever used and I got a great price on it. No complaints whatsoever on the build. One of the best built mice I've ever felt.

  12. Cole Bertram

    Although I'm really happy they brought this mouse back . It's just not 130$ of mouse . This would be fairly priced at 89$ . If it had more thoughtful feet , better switches and sub 70 grams then yeah I'd let it pass.

  13. WingChun LHK

    good review Bob.

  14. Anthony Bolling

    i just got mine today, how can you not like the mouse scroll wheel? its grippy and has great steps

  15. Conny Berggren

    You gonna try the xtrfy m4 wireless?

  16. Dodger

    What a disappointing mouse

  17. Heseth

    The problem i have with this mouse is the price, 130$ for this? You get 20M Omron for this price? C'mon even freaking Steel Series Rival 3 has better switches for about 30$, let's not mention Razer Viper Mini. Don't know man, it feels like they rly tried to bank on shrouds name to push this mouse out there. Another issue i have with it, is the shape. they made it with shrouds hand hand in mind, so the dimensions actually differs from the original 303.

  18. XenoChrist

    Saved me some money, Thank you.

  19. 778paolo

    For $130 , definitely got that shroud tax

  20. Harrison Craig

    How do people get so annoyed by mice feet? Are they really THAT bad? I've literally never had an issue with any mice feet and I'm diamond+ in like every game I've played and play quite a bit. I swear people just complain to complain. Who knows maybe switching to the other mouse feet will magically make me pro.

  21. Inverse Vert

    Can you do a mod a get Read Of the Left side Buttons no the razor viper ultimate

  22. Prozo

    Yo if possible can you do a weight reduction on the harpoon rgb pro, i know its a odd mouse but i find that this mouse could have lots of weight reduced from it

  23. Muse Doubler

    Now that youve brought up the skates comparison again, would you like to see my skate mod on a Model O wireless Bob? Love your content, keep up the good work!

  24. Toy soldiers

    I need some tiger ice feet for my g303!

  25. Cocoa

    I don't know why but I want to see you make both a heavily modded weight reduced and custom painted mouse. Usually I see one or the other and I think, you may be the only person to incorporate both in one. Just imagine a featherlight GPW with all the custom internals as well as a custom finish to finish it off.

  26. Patrik

    Bearded bob do you have any g pro wireless extra side buttons that I could buy from you

  27. ZyntaX

    I need subtitles for this.

  28. Snikes

    Don't mean to be rude but I don't understand what is he saying. But overall I guess the mouse is bad, just as expected overpriced shiet because shroud..

  29. Enkai

    Damn as always a overpriced logitech mouse :DD love the vid

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