Does a high Refresh Rate make you FASTER in Sim Racing?

Does a high refresh rate make you faster in SimRacing? We will show you what’s the difference between a 60Hz and a 144Hz monitor and which effects the …


  1. TheKenji2221

    Interesting. But I think the better results with the 144hz are linked to the 20 previous laps on the 60hz screen.
    It would have been interesting to make him do another set of 20 laps on the 60hz screen after his 144hz run to see if the difference is indeed linked to the screen

  2. PierRacer

    The same can be said for the vr?

  3. ApeX Shaver

    Hey great video I've been on a 60 hertz monitor forever and so it's interesting to see how the response is… The only disappointment was why did you not let the guy who drove the two strings give his opinion on it that's what I was looking forward to

  4. Darius

    Joe is not an Professional? Come on guys! Joe absolutely fooksmashed the AMG in suzuka!

  5. VytaZ

    if theres a a possibility to do a video comparing laps from G29 or other wide range consumer wheels to lets say fanatec clubsport and up the scale for lap times and such

  6. Pongomuffin

    More video information is always better and with higher fps the response between controller inputs and visual reaction gets quicker.
    But the brain is good at adjusting to what you have. If you enjoy 1080p 60hz/60fps gaming just keep it and have fun.

  7. XtremeCrash 3

    For me, I play ACC on my ps4 with 30fps.

  8. Gandhi's Flip flops

    I'm ready to upgrade my monitor but the question is when will Kunos allow 120fps for PS5 version.

    Rainbow six siege can run 4k 120fps, I'm sure a sim can run at least 1080 120fps.

  9. Designer

    This clip is Designer approved ✅

  10. ziher123

    You could do VR vs pancake

  11. Acelera Fabão

    changing from 60 to 144Hz was a massive upgrade for me. The only issue is that even with an RTX 2070 super I sometimes struggle to get all the 144 frames on high/medium settings. I basically have to make ACC look ugly to be able to play it.


    I went from playing ACC on my One X at 30fps to playing it on pc at 4 times higher refresh rates, so yes. It really is another world (plus there are more differences between acc on console and pc)

  13. Lorenz303

    With my new pc I can play ACC with ultra settings at more than 100 fps. Previously I was stuck at average 55fps, my monitor can work up to 144hz.
    First race at Spa: almost 1 second down and very few invalid laps.
    I agree with your theory!

  14. Marcel Kalb

    This experiment seems quite rushed and therefore not very conclusive.

    I find it hard to believe that someone who recently raced for an entire eight hours on a track is that inconsistent over 20 laps. How did he even survive the whole race?
    Also judging from my own experience here, I instead believe his lap time improvement is mostly due to the additional practice time that allowed him to get into a groove with the track again. I’ve had the same thing where, even though I had raced for two hours on a track only a couple of days ago, I’m just not exactly in the right mindset yet, if that makes sense. You’re at a point where you still know the lines and inputs you need to be quick and can do a couple of good laps, but are still pretty inconsistent at it and make lots of easy mistakes. This would explain the enormous gaps between his best and worst time in the first stint. Like I said, in an eight hour race in ACC the game just doesn’t allow for that many mistakes, three offtrack warnings and you get a drive-through. Therefore I believe that, although he may still be used to the track, he certainly isn’t on the same level he must’ve been at in the eight hour race judging by the amount of invalidated laps he had on the spreadsheet that was shown in the background.

    So sure, the 144Hz may have helped in improving his speed and consistency, but, in all seriousness, I find seven tenths to be a bit ridiculous. If you’re really used to a track with the equipment you have even the most high-end pedals on the market probably wouldn’t just make you that much faster in such a small timeframe.
    I think it would’ve been better if he did another 60Hz stint after the144Hz one so we could rule out any other factors contributing to his incredible improvement beside the monitor. I’d be very interested in a re-do of this experiment to validate the results given here. Otherwise there might be a swarm of viewers here who, after watching this, will rush to their nearest tech shop to purchase three new monitors only to be disappointed that they’re not immediately a second faster 😀

  15. Alan Hinton

    So the answer is… buy more gear…maybe not a shock finding ;-)…I would guess 60 is poor, 144 better but 75/100 would probably be lower cost and have similar impact for most? based on about as much science as this

  16. Leif

    You are doing it backwards. You should have started with the 144, if still a significant difrence, i'll buy it.

  17. Skylark

    Noooooooooooooooooooo driving more makes you faster

  18. Welease Woger

    any chance you might consider increasing the sample size? I'm pretty sure everyone who plays within a few hundred miles of you will volunteer.

  19. MrSaemichlaus

    I definitely notice when my framerate slightly drops. My brain needs to fill in the in betweens, taking concentration away from my driving. On something intense like a chicane I end up guessing where I am between frames, as opposed to just seeing it on the screen. Especially if you're oversteering, a low framerate is just gonna be a dia show of your crash. You can't feel the dynamic as it's unfolding.

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