CNN tests a 'full self-driving' Tesla

Tesla has given some drivers access to its “full self-driving” beta software. CNN went to one of the busiest streets in Brooklyn to see how it works. #CNN #News …


  1. Tha Smoothness

    Why is this tool sitting so close to the steering wheel?

  2. Big Guy

    If the best you can say about the FSD Beta is "they edited out the times it did what it was supposed to do" then FSD Beta is not anywhere close to ready for prime time.

  3. J Clarence Ward

    CNN you are right, this software is NOT ready as "full self-driving." It is BETA software and not released to the general public. The public cannot purchase this software. It is only available to beta testers. The general public can buy the other Tesla software that does an excellent job.

  4. einfussganger

    Could that guy be any closer to the steering wheel? He must be about 5' tall.

  5. David Perry

    Biden lies for gmc and CNN posts this video within a day. You are not news but propaganda.

  6. RJC

    I trust CNN.

  7. J C

    I see that unhinged Tesla cultists are already screeching in the comment section …

  8. Moldygreenbean

    It’s a beta and requires data ingestion to make better.

  9. Eyal Yurman the real video CNN didn’t show you.

  10. A Berney

    leider ein negativ eingestelte kritik. CNN kann es besser. Wieso nicht einfach fair bleiben?. doch ist es verständlich dass Tela ausgebremst werden muss. Die neue Politik in den USA meint oder glaubt auch das GM der e-Auto Leader ist ahahahahha. Omg. Traurig, so traurig diese Kartelartige sache.

  11. Orto Vehicle History

    Does a better job than the other mass produced self driving vehicles out there… oh wait, there aren't any. I suppose the secret's in the name. "BETA".

  12. Rene Hunt

    A weak man on a straight road

  13. Abraham Antor

    Cnn crap. More shit from fake media. How much did Ford or general motors pay for this propaganda 🤔

  14. Nick Oberg

    I get the feeling that FSD is a much better driver than this guy. Will the seat go up anymore, he looks like my wife driving!

  15. gee humor

    The bad parts are most important in this context. The video could help make better software though. Key seems to be be knowing when to slow down…A bike cutting in front of a driver is going to be very specific scenario…camera has to identify that prospects before the lane shift…there is a camera that can see through objects now…driver steering and AI acceleration/de acceleration is significant thing

  16. MD Noman

    This video is bs. Because if you don't own a tesla, you have no right to review it. He doesn't even understand how FSD works. It's in its BETA version, it's not released to the everyday public yet. I am dying to get ny FSD but by Safety Score is 90%. In NYC it's hard to get anything better unless you drive like a geandma which might actually get you into am accident.

    Whatever the case is, I was very upset watching this video because this guy who reviewed it isn't even a tesla expert and he's bad mouthing such an amazing technology and feature.

    Please don't talk about things you don't own or understand. It's not your expertise. Horrible reporting. This guy should be fired for such bad reporting.

    People will do anything for views. Even if it means to destroy the future if what could be the safest thing out there.

    Tesla vehicles are revolutionary steps towards a safer world. Those of you who want to see how safe these vehicles are go search on youtube or google how tesla avoids accidents.

  17. KingLutherQ

    Teslas are awesome cars. But this is how it looks like when an idiot from CNN tries to drive.

  18. TJ

    yup no worse than a human student driver, now post unedited the other 90% of footage where the car was driving perfectly and wouldnt have gotten you video clicks 😉

  19. KingLutherQ

    Notice how he never mentioned the word "Beta". He obviously has an agenda to make FSD Beta look worse than it is.

  20. Daniel Choi

    why is the steering wheel so close to his crotch

  21. Ian Opitz

    Bad reporting made just for views, not a true impression of FSD

  22. Ivan Valverde

    “Hava a laugh at Elon Musk’s expense…” hahahahahah. CNN is great!

  23. Rick

    You people should be ashamed of yourself for pushing this narrative. You are the reason that that man killed all those people in that parade. And you know it. It was just a Christmas parade with a bunch of innocent people along with a whole bunch of children.

    You push so much garbage out every day, that is not surprising there are so many confused people out there. You should really be held accountable. Now I know you don't believe in God. But just what if he was real. I guess you are going to hell.

  24. arnie2103

    This would be far more fair if you drove the Tesla for at least a month before making this review, but why would sensationalist swine known as CNN do that?

  25. Marek Justus

    Beta, beta, beta, beta… why people almost NEVER acknowledge it is JUST A BETA?! 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s like you downloaded a developer beta of iOS and complained that it’s not ready for public… doh 🙄

  26. mlg

    Give it 5 more years. It will be better

  27. Doug Nuttall

    What is the UK Gov doing about purchasing Cobalt from Congo, who are the main source (100,000 tonnes/year) of this essential battery material? oops China got there first.

  28. Neel Nand

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, this is a step in the right direction.

  29. Peter Ye

    The real Tesla killer: Tesla

  30. badem a


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