CM Storm Mizar & Alcor Gaming Mice Quick Review + Comparison [Tagalog]

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  1. Nigga Nese

    paps nu gamit mong camera?

  2. Cy

    Sir, binibigay lang po ba ang products mo? Naghahanap po kasi ako ng review ng Corsair M95 na may button sound test din, sabi kasi ng reviews "somewhat mushy buttons" Hindi ko ma imagine ee. hope you can review that mouse

  3. Edwin Patenio

    ano model ng keyboard mo sir? thnx gamit ko nga pla cm storm xornet lang pang macro pero trip ko yun mizar

  4. billy rivera

    sir alam mo ba na meron ding mouse na naba vibrate

  5. John Fudotan

    magkano to?

  6. Speedburger

    Dude na-try mo na ba yung M40/45/60/65 ng Corsair? Mas madali ba hawakan tong Alcor? Bumili kasi ako nung M45 para sa sensor nya pero medyo mataba siya para sakin.

  7. wlbrtns

    bro ilang inches ung AOC monitor mo? magkamuka ata tayo ah. haha nice review 

  8. subbie

    Great video just bought this mouse , i had a very light mouse for 15$'s for the majority of my life so a very light mouse is what i am used to so that con has no effect on me since the weight is basically the same. But may i ask what is the song that loops through the video but actually continues at the "thanks for watching" "next video" "previous video" and all that jazz , i know the description says the music is from the "japan step" channel but it has tons of videos and i guess i'm lazy ; sorry for the inconvenience ;P. reminds me of ratatat's music with the guitar riffs in their songs ,but i'm unsure ;3

  9. MrWebsteros

    Is this still english?

  10. PvN

    Great Review . thankyou 😀

  11. Daumex

    What language is that, sounds like you're mixing english with something else, quite a pointless review which is why you disabled Likes…

  12. Je720

    Great review- not enough people do button testing; it tells you a lot how the switches are likely to feel if you have used similar ones before.

  13. Weed man

    so which one is better, mizar or alcor?

  14. n i l e s _

    i'm CS:GO player, right now i have Logitech M90 mouse, which is good for playing, but i wanna upgrade.
    So now, i have to decide. I would go 100% to Mizar, but Laser sensor scares me because of acceleration. How much difference between Optical and Laser in CS:GO?

  15. TuxKey

    Don't understand half of what this guy is saying

  16. Zaki Zakariazaki

    nice wheel touch msargun dum furdam barajar mara dem premara -WTF are u saying?

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