Cambridge Audio A1 + Monitor Audio BX1 sound test [HQ]

Cambridge Audio A1 Stereo Integrated Amplifier + Monitor Audio BX1 2-way stereo bookshelf speakers first look and sound/audio test. This Cambridge Audio …


  1. Cypriotkiller

    Sounds crystal clear! First song name?

  2. Botanist



    own both monitor audio m2 and radius 90,love the radius 90 match it up with a subwoofer like svs sb 1000 and you got a kick ass system.M2 is no match for radius 90,i found the m2 to be bass heavy and lacks the agility and detail still great speakers though how are BX2 compared to BR2(m2)?

  4. BoboButYouCanCallMeTom

    this song suck bbut

  5. Koen Vanbelle

    Hey, what's the outro song? Sounds good!

  6. KikicraftMC

    What is the name of first song?

  7. назар назаров

    Cambridge № 1.

  8. Alex Burnaz

    What is that at the end,butt plugs?
    Haha just joking man nice setup

  9. Danthehorse

    I turn the bass down to 9 o.clock, still has low end but loses the congestion and opens the sound up.

  10. Guntis Sevostjanovs

    Super! Malacis!

  11. Guntis Sevostjanovs

    no kurienes tehnika?

  12. damian0914

    At 2:22 could you tell what speaker staff is that? Beacose I have the same ampf and I cant mount banna connecotr.
    Could you give me link on ali or something? Thanks 🙂

  13. Tarik Kocaer

    tv vu meter ????

  14. djshauny1

    How would you rate this amp? They any good?

  15. Golam Chowdhary

    what's name of the second song? would you recommend the speakers? Are they high end? Nice video.

  16. Дмитрий Кузнецов

    How it sounds comparing to Edifier R2700?

  17. bimes1987

    2:21 WTF ????????????????

  18. Squall Leonhart

    Feeling nostalgic to this video. Monitor Audio make great speakers.

  19. TheTigerGamer

    These vs Bronze 1? i got the bronze 1, i would guess that they both sound almost identical.

  20. Sza

    Barking music…

  21. Techscrew

    Original sound rremoved by copyright claim. Just visual demo. Sorry!

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