Acer XZ321QU 32 inch Monitor Unboxing, Setup, and Testing

I finally got my Acer XZ321QU monitor in so it’s time to unbox this thing! I haven’t seen a lot of reviews for this monitor so I will be doing one in a couple weeks …


  1. Edina E.

    anyone using this monitor with xbox one? how its working with it? thnx

  2. RAY BOY

    this guy talks so much

  3. Meriç Kılıç

    Türk varmı türk

  4. shady shady TV oopsy

    Talk to much shit

  5. capitalD D

    Great video , thanks for posting. What gpu and cpu do you use to run this ….. I don't see it listed…

  6. Bee Hchee

    Does the monitor stand allow the adjusting to lock? I move my monitor around multiple times a day and it's hard to lift it when the height adjustable stand does not lock into position so it doesn't move when lifting.

  7. Doogsman 24

    Is this 4K? Great video

  8. Leviathan

    Has anyone figured out how to take off the stand so u can mount the monitor?

  9. Gabrielle Mosh

    Firs kf all get your mic close ….noob

  10. NIBLER

    Hey I know is a bit late but question i am a trucker I am wanting to get a tv to play my Xbox and Netflix some movies am I able to use this functions as a regular tv?

  11. davivster

    would this be the best monitor for the new xbox’s?

  12. Kevin 17E

    can i use this monitor for the ps5 or xbox series x?

  13. Dad 2869

    Hey man can you please help me out I need to know if the ps5 will run well on this monitor Acer 32" Curved 1920×1080 HDMI DP 165hz 1ms Freesync HD LED Gaming Monitor – ED320QR Sbiipx

  14. Mr831Pablo

    It’s going on sale this Saturday for early Black Friday deals

  15. Ivan Arellano

    Will this be good for the PS5?

  16. Alex_ Perales

    Would this work with any console??

  17. yoooastro

    Will this work for a ps4

  18. Ferdinand B

    will it work well with the ps4 pro? will it also run smooth?


    I thought it was 165hz

  20. VenomousRIPtide

    What panel

  21. Alan Enriquez

    Would this work with the ps5 and do I need a hdmi 2.1

  22. Christian Castaneda

    I saw your comment saying it’s not a good option for PS5. Why is that because I just bought it for my ps5?

  23. Frosty Vortex

    I got it for $160 it was on sale 🥴

  24. S.REYLI

    Everyone just to clear the confusion this is not the same model that is on sale on the walmart website for $155 , this is a 144hz monitor the one on walmart is a 165hz

  25. Ashton

    How well will this work for the Xbox series X? I heard a lot of bad thing so is it worth it?

  26. SneakyElite

    I can hear anything from this monitor any ideas?

  27. Shaun Reilly

    can you use the monitor just by it’s self? or do you have to have a pc with it

  28. Javier Lopez

    Don´t you feel it pixelated due the lack of resolution for a 31,5 inch monitor?

  29. iRicha

    Hey man I’m wondering why the audio is not working on mine I have it set up to the Xbox series x any tips?

  30. Didwa Music Nation

    Can someone send me 1000 dollar to buy a pc screen please….? 😥

  31. Alan Enriquez

    How to I turn on audio out loud?

  32. Demøn

    Will my series x work with it?

  33. Sammy Yellowback

    How would this be with ps5 warzone

  34. Zachary Bogdanski

    Horse balls

  35. Riya Gupta

    Does this have inbuilt cpu

  36. Rennoc

    Does anybody know if it has a USB port

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