Acer Aspire Revo 1080P HD Test

Full Review up now: I’ll show what can kind of HD video the Acer Aspire Revo can handle …


  1. kilymat

    install k-lite codec pack and try playing using media classic player

  2. Last Potato

    windows 7 beta??

  3. SDU-Tango

    lucky you pointed that out. if it couldn't handles the flash HD, it's crap. so it's just not worth the money…

  4. kilymat

    no, 2 real core + 2 hyper thread core (not physical)

  5. tipoomaster

    @furiouspride Yes, its possible. When I installed Windows 7, I just mounted the ISO within Vista with Daemontools and installed from there, no disk required.

  6. anooosy1988

    I think the processor being used in the video is the atom 230, maybe thats why there are only 2 cores in the task manager. the newer revo's have the atom 330 (dual core)

  7. Hans611

    nope 🙁 but usb n is 20 $ in newegg

  8. Terry S


    I just bought an Acer AspireRevo 1600 at Best Buy for $200 and after getting it running I checked the performance tab in the task manager and got a big surprise: it shows two cores, not one. Hmmm…….

  9. jewlzorjay

    i'm not interested in gaming. its all about the HD for me

    originally i was considering the Mac mini. starts from £500 but i get student discount.

    How does this compare to the Mac?

  10. Kenneth Njagi

    HI, The processor you have is too weak to handle flash videos which are processor intensive. Return the product and get Revo R3610

  11. Frank Chang


    Atom 230 has Hyperthreading, which is 1 core with 2 threads.

  12. Peter Griffin

    would i be able to use autocad on this??
    and how did you change the os without a disk?

  13. rage4242

    youtube 1080p is also dependant on your internet connection. I've also found that the installation of windows that comes on it is very bloated. Try a fresh install of windows without any of the junk.

  14. rage4242

    Autocad should work, I just don't know how fast it will be if your doing a large job. The easiest way to install an OS is to use a USB Cdrom drive. There are other ways, but they can get complicated to setup, such as installing off of a USB Stick. Not sure if the revo supports it, but you can install over the network too.

  15. rage4242

    Intel's Hyperthreading simulates 2 cores.

    I have 2x 4 core server processors that windows shows as 16 cores. It's pretty funny.

  16. allangreen45

    @Evil00721 youtube doesn't work because flash does not utilize the ion graphics chip in this system. It's one of steve jobs main beef with adobe. Flash as it stands right now only uses the computers cpu not the graphics processor so that is the reason for the lag with flash. a 1.6 atom isn't powerful enough to run that video without the help of the built in nvidia ion graphics processor.

  17. allanisallan

    @166beads OMg your right dude. : ( .

  18. SicCoyote

    I just bought the R3610 model for £190 with AtomDualCoreN330 CPU, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Nvidia-9400-ION GFX

  19. Antonio Ramos

    i like know were you downloaded the 1080p videos, or how you rip blue ray disk's

  20. الغريب Rourba

    Now, 07/11/11 it coast only $329 at newegg. It comes with windows 7 but no CD.
    Type the word Revo on search.

    Nice video. Sahit!

  21. Bongster7

    Can anyone help please. Can you add an external dvd drive so I can install hard copies of games such as Football Manager???

  22. Electronicdawg

    Set the sound in your flat screen to auto and your sound should come on eith hdmi cable

  23. Electronicdawg

    Set the sound in your flat screen to auto and your sound should come on with hdmi cable

  24. Electronicdawg

    @Bongster7 Why yes, yes you can. Have you ever seen a PC that didn't support an external drive? Dumb question!

  25. Vijfhoek

    @TheComputergeek1100 no, google could have revealed that as well

  26. Andrew Woodhead

    @nickstan006 There are DVD ripping softwares around…

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