A MUST SEE, Logitech Shroud G303 Wireless Mouse Review

Reviewing the new wireless gaming mouse from Logitech the G303 Shroud Edition. A strange shape, but it works for multiple grips and play styles.


  1. The Techne

    Check out this hot giveaway that will be ending this Friday https://youtu.be/ug2TWlZYtTo

  2. telaga biroe

    oh boiii. is it another expensive double click machinery from logitech we coul

  3. craduz

    i remember back in 2016, i wished for a wireless g303 and so did dizzy, i am so glad they finally put it out, it might not be the same dimensions, but the feeling is there, I couldn't be more excited!

  4. mehdi mvi

    4:30 the best review ever. THE BEST

  5. niiels

    Is it a worthy upgrade if you already have the g pro ?

  6. VND Deadshot

    I think its same like endgame gear xm1r


    Why, WHY did they keep that nasty smooth scroll wheel? They should have replaced it with the modern GPW/G903 wheel. That's a deal breaker for me, sadly. :/

  8. Tsukasa

    I really think its not worth $130

  9. Jerry Berry

    I see you show the length as 117 mm. At least two other reviewers also state that's the length (just 1 or 2 mm increase from the og model). The Logitech G site shows it as 125 mm. I know that's incorrect. You should inform your Logitech rep that the advertised length is probably costing them sales. 125 mm would make it a large size mouse, which it's not.

  10. Mr Thanos

    Dude which is the best redragon h510 or h520

  11. MJ1331L

    But is it replacing the daily driver (Glorious Model D Wireless)?

  12. Thomas Re

    G303 is a really good mouse, for claw one of the best for that grip. I recommend I had god-like aim on the g303. But i could only use it in claw

  13. Unmasquerade

    Great review as always <3

  14. Mahzad Hussain

    out of stock already on amazon lmfao

  15. frieddayfriday

    if its $80, ill buy it. unfortunately i had 2 gpro wireless that had both double clicking issue. sold it when i got the replacement. im scared of buying a logitech mouse now.

  16. C M

    I have the regular G305 and I didn't know the shroud edition is actually different in shape.
    I have it now for more than 1 year and it's really great and comfortable for my small hand. The mouse is some what heavy so Later i used aaa battery to make it lighter.

  17. Greg Childers

    Yep. Getting one. Thanks Techne!

  18. sokksu

    So it’s real 🧐

  19. Scorpio

    got mine today the shape is great

  20. Frencho9

    Interesting shape but still feel it's overpriced. Hate that usb drawer at the butt of the G303 as randomfrankp pointed out. Waste of space and adds needless weight. Mouse could have easily been 70-72 grams. Logitech is just too slow and stagnant. Those new extrify wireless M4 are spicing things up, 2 shells, modular battery placement to shift centre of gravity. Rad!

  21. Alec Williamson

    Looking to upgrade my mouse should I go for this or a viper ultimate?

  22. Dark Waters

    130 dollars.. no powerplay/dock charging, no real info about scroll wheel or switches.. This should be a 99 dollar mouse at the most!

  23. ?!

    just tested it shit mouse, for that price there are better ones

  24. Killjoy.Z

    As a large hand user,I have always found my G Pro X to be too narrow – would thia be kind of like the G Pro, except wider? If so, dream come true.

  25. CrowCod1al

    Nice mouse.. Shroud vs me

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