80 Mins Exam, But The Test Paper Is Blank ?!

Eight candidates for a highly desirable corporate job are locked together in an exam room and given a final test with just one seemingly simple question.


  1. l6379

    I figured that out the moment he said it

  2. ThatInsaneHenry _

    Thank God for high boi

  3. أرسلان الب


  4. Yannick Carter

    But how many smarties fit in a smart?

  5. kasim gittens vlogs

    It past or not really death

  6. David Nguyen

    not gonna lie..when the invigilator said there cant be any talking to him or the guard and said there is only 1 question…then proceeds to say "any question?"…me and my childish mind said outright that IS the one question. So I wound it back to hear the exact wording but he said it's on the paper so i disregarded the idea that it is the question itself.
    But either way i would have gotten the job 😀

  7. Lianlian Mo

    The guard looks so stupid lol

  8. Visal


  9. Park Ha-rin

    who said blondes were stupid!?

  10. EnzoSnap

    The Blond Realize She Is Now A Nerd

  11. FuriousPenguin

    I like how all these movie recap channels just copy each other

  12. Generik

    Missed opportunity, when the invigilator asks at the start if anyone had any questions, someone could've asked one and been immediately disqualified for trying to communicate with him

  13. SteelBlitz

    if your reading this what are you doing you have an exam, go!

  14. Obama_Guard

    Black white brown? Ayo that's Amongus

  15. Hey Hi

    Blonde is so freaking smart

  16. oo

    Invigilator: "Do you have any questions"
    Me unconsciously: "No"
    Invigilator: "You passed"
    Me: "Wut"
    Everyone else: "Wut"

  17. _TheSilence

    Whats the intro music called?

  18. ガチャFrostedJr.

    The Question is Blank, so the answer is blank

    That's why leave it blank

  19. OIOIOI

    This is so squid game and i liked this more than squid game

  20. ガチャFrostedJr.

    Why is he Deaf, just because he didn't speak? I don't understand

  21. Christian Grajeda

    That's exactly how I feel when I take an exam

  22. Pizzaidiot

    I haven’t watch the vid but I know the answer already is no I dont have any questions

  23. Al Lie

    I saw this movie years ago on Netflix and I totally forgot about it!

  24. Duluper

    “Bree has been watching squid game”

  25. AgentWasTaken

    i bet the ceo is elon musk

  26. Ensign MJS

    This was a stupid job interview.

  27. Vertixx

    Bro I knew the answer I said no when they were looking around like they don’t know the question but I recalled the question that guy asked

  28. KURO_hi

    So its like a game thats like a test for team work and death game but no one dies but only one can win

  29. koFortune

    Imagine if a blank test becomes common practice. You create your own questions that pertain to a subject and have to solve the problem. That would be bad…or good. I don't know.

  30. Brastic.

    There is some captioning error

  31. What do I name this channel

    Art Exam be like

  32. Gary

    It’s a frickin’ art exam, man. 🙄

  33. infinite breaker original

    the guy in the tumbnail looks like dantdm

  34. Picholas Cage

    The black guy should sue for unlawful chemical injection

  35. Siun Madness


  36. Jarpoti

    All that trouble for a job huh?

  37. shootingcomet082

    All of that only to become someone's secretary.


    "Brown, has been watching SQUID GAME" LOL

  39. Murasaki Senbon

    He ain’t got nothing on Ibiki

  40. N F S

    10:44 The Guard must be like: Am I tool?

  41. Wolf_god27

    So is black out because I don't think he broke a rule

  42. Madilyn Mass

    Why did I know that was the question?! As soon as he said, “there’s only one question on the test. Are there any questions?” I KNEW IT!!!!🧐🤓💡I just hate the fact that this didn’t actually happen to me! I would have passed!😭😭

  43. Angelo Baesa


  44. Nishan Bhujel

    Squid game definitely took inspiration from this film!!!

  45. G.RicePad

    Where is the continuation of “Bad genius” ??

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