1440p 240Hz/fps Monitor Test Video | 4x Speed For 240fps | Cycling Clips

Press Ctrl + Shift + J to load Dev tools. Then copy and paste this: vid = document.getElementsByClassName(„video-stream html5-main-video“) [0] If Succesful, …


  1. POVHFR Videos

    Here are the steps to watch this video directly from YouTube at 240fps. This is only for computers, and capable of 240fps playback in at least 720p. You will need a 120hz or higher monitor. A 240hz is the goal here.

    Google Chrome Users

    Press Ctrl + Shift + J to load Dev tools.

    Then copy and paste this: vid = document.getElementsByClassName("video-stream html5-main-video") [0]

    If Succesful, copy and paste this: vid.playbackRate = 4

    Firefox Users —

    Click this link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fire

    After the add-on has finished downloading, an x3 will appear in the link window of the YouTube video. Click the 'x3' and set the speed to 4.

    Please don't forget to Like this video and Subscribe for more 240hz videos directly from YouTube. Comment if you need help or if there is a problem with the playback. The audio is designed to be played at 4x speed and is NOT perfect. These videos are to motivate YouTube to raise their frame rate cap from 60fps (which is good for the majority of people, their monitors are always usually 60hz) to at least 120fps. I want YouTube to raise their fps cap to 480fps or even to 1000fps. Realistically a 240fps would do wonders.

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