Star Ocean: Till the End of Time HD Out Now on PS4

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time comes to PlayStation 4 with full HD graphics and all new features and is available now from the PlayStation Store!

While on holiday, Fayt Leingod, a seemingly normal college student from Earth is caught up in an unprovoked attack by the Vendeeni – an alien civilization with highly advanced technology, which sparks an intergalactic war with the Pangalactic Federation. Now on the run from the Vendeeni, Fayt must travel across space and discover his destiny which could alter the face of the universe.
Originally released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is now available digitally on PlayStation 4! The game includes not only the full HD graphics but also new features unique to the PlayStation 4 system, such as trophy support, share functionality, and remote play.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is available now in North America and Europe. Purchase it from the PlayStation Store for $20.99 here.

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  1. Se7en

    The game takes so long, you’ll play it till the end of time

  2. mhm mhm

    omg. i fucking love this game!!!

  3. Fran Ellece

    should be on the vita

  4. Ryder Draconis

    Has not aged well.

  5. Roleplayinguy

    Glory to Airyglyphhhhhh!

  6. Tjoeb123

    It's not HD, it's upscaled 480p (640×480).

    Oh, and the gameplay footage? That's a lie – they just cropped out the black bars on the side since that 480p is a 4:3 aspect ratio resolution. Not widescreen. (Unless the original US release runs in widescreen and I merely forgot?)

  7. Ruben Makaya

    Why didn't they port Star Ocean the second story/evolution to PS4?, that was the best SO game of all. The story was good, enviorments, ost, heck everything was awesome about that game.

  8. Elias Cunha

    this made  my day, this star ocean is 1 or 2 or 3? can anyone tell?

  9. Tatsu


  10. FusionAlchemist

    I'm happy to see this coming back but for what they're charging for it without any updates to the graphics themselves isn't worth the purchase. When it goes on sale for less then 8 or 10 then I will take a look into buying it.

  11. Maki Ruby Rose

    I've been craving for some more Star Ocean! This is perfect!

  12. jelloaceomega

    Can we get Star Ocean Second Story (Second Evolution) for ps4 to the west

  13. The Cat Who Saw You Naked

    Beginning of the song sounded like "Beat the Angel" from Tales of Symphonia.

  14. Justin Provido

    does this have japanese audio? will buy if it's included reply asap please ty

  15. MαcKrø

    Star Ocean <3 !!
    Thank you Square Enix and tri-Ace !!

  16. Hoopdy


    Those questionably-improved textures.

  17. shizuwolf Howlajima

    I gave up on this game when it was on PS2 because I couldn't make it through the first turtle section ?

  18. Lonnie Wright


  19. kingdombladesventus

    Just saw this ad randomly on a Simple and Clean video! HELL FUCKING YES! I'm so buying this as soon as possible! I prefer this game over SO5. Finally, I don't have to borrow my cousin's ps2 no more.

  20. Marcus Black

    Played this game for a few hours it was fucking awful just like 4 and 5, only good games of the series were 1 and 2

  21. Will Fikes

    Honestly can't belive this actually happened, SO3 is my all time favorite game, I committed more hours to like 7 playthroughs than friggin' Skyrim! I'm gonna play the hell outta this to the point I'm gonna wake up and my ps4 will be gone, replaced by a note that just says; "I quit!"

  22. Snorlaxation

    …Partial Nudity?? when was that?

  23. Thomat


  24. Jacky Vang

    I've actually started playing this game on ps2 recently again after buying just because it's my top 5 favorite rpg games.

  25. Martyn Hayes

    I'm glad a decent rpg is finally on here… Just need most of the smt series and i will reach lvl 100 happy

  26. Eric C

    I NEED this!!!

  27. Leshain

    this is nostalgia for me, the best star ocean game among them all imo

  28. nazarenko.maxim

    Thumbnail reminded me about Legend of Legaia.

  29. sojiro B

    i loved this game, unfinished business with Freya!!!

  30. Michael Brown

    Does this game have battle trophies and all the extras like the original? Playing the original now but 3 copies later and im sick of the loading data from disc bs…

  31. Corven

    we need it on switch !!!

  32. JGamezOfElzam

    compare this to Crash Bandicoot's N. Sane Trilogy remake, which rebuilt everything from the ground up, added a new fully playable character across all 3 games, and is adding levels that were cut from the first game. This was nothing to be excited about, even Tales of Symphonia's remaster atleast added some new costumes for all the characters from Xillia, significantly improved the character models, made some nice changes to the menu and character icons, and it as well as the Kingdom Hearts remasters had content that was not already released to the US. What's the point of re-buying a game that has nothing new to offer other than slightly improved graphics when you still already have the original to enjoy? I can already think of several new features they could've at least attempted to add to this that might have made it worth buying again.

  33. Jonathan M

    Yes SE give us Star Ocean: The Second Story, if you can ported it to PSP from PS 1; I don't see why not on PS4 with a remake (just like FFVII). IMO Star Ocean: The Second Story was my favorite in the whole Star Ocean Series (I mean look at the story, characters, item creations) everything about it was so good. While I agree Till the End of Time was a good one, I don't think it compares to Star Ocean: The Second Story

  34. Raptail beatz

    Can i play the game online whit Friends?

  35. Christian Noir


  36. tailedgates9

    THIS GAME IS THE SHIT! To this day, I remember spending hours upon hours, looking up hidden skills on the internet, spending so much time in the Maze of Tribulations, doing all of the optional dungeons. Oh my god. <3 I still have my PS2 copy, so I'm debating if I should purchase this for the PS4 too. 🙂

  37. Stranger Worlds

    I would pay how much they needed if they porting this to PC

  38. albelnox112

    this looks like translated port of directors cut from japan version on ps2

  39. Metadragon

    Pc please for the love of god.

  40. Parker Peters


  41. Jianto

    One of my favorite JRPGs very awesome game

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