Star Ocean: Till the End of Time – A Message from Shuichi Kobayashi

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Shuichi Kobayashi discusses his past experience with Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. The game is available now on PlayStation 4 with full HD graphics and all new features!

While on holiday, Fayt Leingod, a seemingly normal college student from Earth is caught up in an unprovoked attack by the Vendeeni – an alien civilization with highly advanced technology, which sparks an intergalactic war with the Pangalactic Federation. Now on the run from the Vendeeni, Fayt must travel across space and discover his destiny which could alter the face of the universe.

Originally released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is now available digitally on PlayStation 4! The game includes not only the full HD graphics but also new features unique to the PlayStation 4 system, such as trophy support, share functionality, and remote play.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is available now in North America and Europe. Purchase it from the PlayStation Store for $20.99 here.

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  1. chrnodroid

    Japanese audio would be a good new feature for this old game. I want Japanese audio.

  2. Kylar

    Star Ocean is an amazing series plagued with good ideas executed poorly. the series is one of my personal favorite to play but I am not blind to the flaws. the story itself is amazing but the character dialogue needs to be revamped and modern. it's tiring to see all the cliche Japanese character tropes over and over again. I miss the cinematic cutscenes from 3 and 4 and The Last Hope was my favorite battle system as well as item creation. I feel like this series can hit big if they make the characters older (all of them… I don't need ANOTHER 10 YEAR old girl with amazing powers but talks like a wittle baby) and relatable. the next thing I hope they fix is the budget.. 5 was a decent game but so disappointing. there was hardly any space travel… it's like playing a football game where all you do is lift weights and train and maybe play 1 or 2 games… really? the skeleton is there and it is beautiful, just flesh it out properly and this series can become one of the greats!

  3. Soul Khaos

    I wish they would remake Star Ocean Blue Sphere…

  4. Peko Narukami

    give me my fking Japanese voice rigth now!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Todd Howard's Hair

    I've supported this series for over 15 years and I'll always support it.

  6. ArticStare

    sleeping dogs 2

  7. Literally etc.

    So, probably make a game with an actual Space Battle? not just hanging around in the bridge like some stupid sh*t?

  8. Tjoeb123

    Now just give us the PS4 AND Vita versions of Second Evolution and I'll be golden.

  9. Ernest

    Please re-release Star Ocean 2!!

  10. UJDSP

    can we get all the other star ocean games on ps4 and xenogears thanks

  11. Dustin Brinnon

    Hopefully this will sell well enough to prompt porting its predecessors. I have a PS3 and a physical copy of TSS, but would still love to have the updated versions of it and the first on PS4. Or I guess I will just suck it up and get another flippin' PSP…

  12. ILikeBigBoobies69

    now put VP 2 on psn

  13. joeykashi

    ffbe give wol 6 star for global

  14. Tatsu

    I'll continue supporting it if you don't rush the next game like the last game which was trash

  15. Zak Wood

    awkward when he thanks people for sticking with the series for 15 years; when what he really means is "thanks for liking star ocean still, even through 4 and 5" …

  16. Sunny Burrito

    Now patch the game because it stutter and crashes me and some other people had the same issues and even after the day one patch the game runs like shit I love this game but regret buying it on day one.

  17. Alexeon

    Anoooooooo lol (j/k talking to a camera can be awkward, I get it)

    I'm so happy I get to replay this game in HD. I bought it as soon as it was available on the PSN. Make more Star Ocean and add more sci-fi time to it (maybe visit a couple of advanced planets, etc.)

  18. Youtube Channel

    star ocean 5 the game is suddenly end when i though it was halfway playing and the post game dungeon show how lame and not serious they are , destroying a franchise

  19. Skeith Twilight

    I love this game I really do but yeaaaa no! Star ocean 5 was god awful  and you are charging 20 bucks for this game 20 bucks!!!!! No matter how you slice it that's just greedy.

  20. chrnodroid


  21. ShizukaZetsubou

    Dual Audio and I'll buy the hell out of it.

  22. Alter Ace

    my favorite game of all time thank you from the bottom of my heart for this port SE. <3 <3 <3

  23. JCT


  24. Aaron Hernandez

    I can't buy this game just yet, but I'm extremely curious about it. Dunno if I should buy it due to all the shit it gets.

  25. war weeny

    best star ocean to date

  26. war weeny

    A shame the game is so expensive though, at 10 bucks i would buy it no regrets, but 21 euro is really too much to ask for, especially when the game can be simply emulated on PC.

  27. Ashton Michaels

    remake star ocean the second story, Ashton was my favorite character, twin dragons on his back? come on now epic

  28. Kyle Annen

    I hope so much for Star Ocean 2: Second Evolution to be ported to PSN!! >.< I loved the PSP remake of that game so much, but now that my PSP is getting to be pretty old, I always feel a little cautious playing it.

  29. fonarte

    SE has the gall to call an emulated release a port? This game deserves the treatment that ffx ,x2 and xii got. But once again relegated to low budget status doomed to fail.

  30. akiraguy

    still no word on SEA psn region…

  31. Rhythm Mania

    I loved this game on my PS2 but when I heard it's being ported over to PS4, I was excited. I bought it but damn I am so disappointed with constant crashing. Whoever was in charge of porting these games over did poor job. They should test the ported games to make sure it works.

  32. Flynn O Flenniken

    Star Ocean is a series I've always felt has tremendous potential with its blend of sci-fi space travel and underdeveloped planet fantasy. I really want this series to succeed.

  33. Tiymako Izau

    Rather Star Ocean dies or not, I will always love this series. I want to keep believing in Tri-Ace, they have so much potential and are only executing it a little poorly. Ever since they divided from Wolf Team, has had low budgets to work with and has poor story on occasion seems like they can barely get off the ground. However, I love the concept of Star Ocean, I love the Characters, the variety it has and the game mechanics. I believe that Tri-Ace will come back one day, Star Ocean is one of my favourite series. Now if only they can take all of their mistakes, poor ideas, and work on something that feels real genuine as a stand alone SO series combined and get a good enough budget than I am sure it can be better. This company is rather small even, they don't have many staff compared to bigger gaming companies, yet for some reason I feel like they are the underdog of the gaming world and If they execute in a good way than I can assure you they will. Otherwise don't give up Tri-Ace!

  34. Beyond MK

    Dont give a shit what anybody says, Star Ocean Till the end of time was awesome and yes, even the ending. Dont even know what problem people have with that ending but whatever.
    Sadly Star Ocean went downhill after that (SO5 was very VERY disappointing) but it would be awesome if SquareEnix and Tri-Ace actually gave a shit about the series again. Star Ocean Anamnesis is mobile only and that sucks. Seeing Nel and Maria again in a new game would be awesome.
    But i guess if SquareEnix only want Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts (because ya know, Star Ocean doesnt bring them enough money), then i guess there is nothing one can do about it. Still, would be awesome to see the next Star Ocean at least as awesome as SO3 (the best of the series).

  35. iMYX

    extorsionist piece of shit

  36. Tyuta Tacticks

    I'm worried that SO5 getting bad reviews might have discouraged the developers from giving this series the good game it deserves. It's like SO5 existed to test the waters instead of just providing a good experience for everybody. SO2 and SO3 was really the best time to be a star ocean fan, 4 did some things right admittedly. While the characters in SO4 were absolutely insufferable except for the Eldarians, I feel that it had a solid, if slightly bizarre story. Had the Japanese tropes been absent and a better writer was brought on, it would've truly flourished. Now that SO5 made an even worse impression, we're just stuck in another dead period with no love for the series and no new game in sight. At least the mobile game was a little enjoyable. (Sigh)

    I hope SO3 keeps me and my PS4 Pro happy for a very long time.

  37. Whitney Asante

    So Star Ocean 4 is coming to PC… Square if you want my money or more of it. Put this on PC.
    Senator Palpatine: Do it!

  38. xxnike629xx

    Please remaster Star Ocean 1 ~ 4 on disc for the PS4 and include Japanese voices.

  39. Cenobite1991

    Till the End of Time's twist ruined the series for me.

  40. Horace T

    please make Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria in the psn store !!!!!!

  41. Fayt Leingod

    im number one fan of star ocean series here in Philippines…

  42. NamekuBushi

    I love 3 so much, I two copies that have different official box art. Hope the next one has the same or similar playstyle for battle system.

  43. CorranHorn84

    Tell the writers that they completely ruined the Star Ocean franchise going forward. You should have left it with the Star Trek prime directive model… the Til the End of Time twist really messed up not only future stories to tell, but also retroactively ruined the previous two games that were actually good.

    Spoilers Apparently, the characters in Til the End of Time become self aware that they are just digital fictional characters in an online video game (oh, I'm sorry, a "digital simulation that can also be considered a parallel universe.") Pretty much, because of this supposed plot twist, the Star Ocean franchise itself boils down into being an MMORPG simulation.

    I just saved you hours of wasted playtime and disappointing plot development. You're welcome. Now go play something with an interesting story to tell that doesn't stumble on itself, like this game did for the rest of the series.

  44. Narukami鳴上


  45. Gravitational Pull

    where tf is the pc port!!

  46. marcus morga

    From the man himself, most popular title, for dam good reason. People need to stop dwelling on Star Ocean 2 as a better game, bull shit. 2 is nothing like 3. Till the end of Time is better in everyway, from the item creation, to the music, to the post game content. Its no contest.

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