Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K and Full HD Remaster – Launch Trailer

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STAR OCEAN: THE LAST HOPE is now available in 4K and Full HD resolution! The game takes place at the very beginning of the STAR OCEAN series and takes players on the epic journey of mankind’s last stand, with exploration and battle across some of the most mysterious, dangerous, and fantastical worlds of the universe..

Available Now on PS4 and Steam!


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  1. Sunshine Jo

    This game sucked, but it had it's moments.

  2. Dado Dem

    Yeeeeeessss best SO for me!!! Soooo happy!!^-^

  3. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    i got it thanks! ill come back and say how good it is

  4. TallulahSoie

    Love this game but platinuming it ones was enough..

  5. Aki Aventador

    If I don’t see FFVIII appear magically on the store like IX by midnight I’m sucking my own dick

  6. Rafter Man

    Just out of interest, why re-release this game? Was it that popular?

  7. Erick Lebron

    Downloaded. ?? #gamingornothing

  8. OCT Oaks

    Omg so beautiful

  9. Shade's Insane Chamber

    Star Ocean on PC?

  10. themblan

    Another game I want to try someday.

  11. Archi lol

    No Russian, no money…

  12. Tom Carroll

    Another port that nobody asked for.

  13. Jordan Tucker

    Comes with Denuvo 🙁


    I truly hope people enjoy this game because I certainly did, there was so many achievements (Xbox) and things I still needed to clear especially post end-game, this was a time when I was transitioning from FPS to J/RPG's in general. The only con for me is the voice actors…not so great but overall AWESOME game enjoyed every minute of at the time. This really takes me back during the Xbox 360 days… it's unfortunate that I don't play old school or older games nowadays.

  15. ClassicGames4U

    Does anyone here know of a game called Star Ocean: Blue Sphere? It was released waaayy back in 2001 for GBC, but only in Japan. To this day, it's the only game in the series that never saw release outside of Japan. I think that Square Enix should localize that title next.

  16. Joker

    Still better than Star Ocean 5

  17. MarluxiaVI

    Just hoping that FFVIII, legend of dragoon, and chrono cross will get some remaster love for the ps4 as well

  18. zerocool

    Thank you Square Enix for Star Ocean 3 and 4 Remasters! I prefer physical games, but I guess digital is better than nothing. Now please support tri-Ace in developing Valkyrie Profile 3 – with a decent budget, no repeats of Star Ocean 5 please! Valkyrie Profile 2 Remaster? Valkyrie Profile 1 Remake? Even localize Valkyrie Anatomia for mobile in North America? Exist Archive 2? Tho, I guess Spike Chunsoft owns Exist Archive. Radiata Stories 2? Please just don't let tri-Ace die!

  19. Unalochy


  20. alandunaway3000

    A great game with a fair price!

  21. eaco wind

    a great game that was multi console gets an hd revamp and only ends up on ps4 only one word comes to mind


  22. Juni Delgado Colon

    Personally i prefer the Ps3/XBox 360 version because can be found as blue ray disc and some details is missing in the Ps4, when i used Edge when he is attacking with his sword the swimming purple effect is missing, not only for him but for the rest of the characters to, in the Pc version they keep that details from the Ps3/XBox 360.

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