STAR OCEAN: Integrity and Faithlessness – Victor Spotlight

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Victor is a member of an elite group of soldiers in the Central Resulian Army called the King’s Chosen. All Victor’s subordinates hold him in high esteem, and he has the strongest sense of duty of anyone in the land. Although he never hesitates to fulfill orders, Victor is conflicted about how his job requires him to end the lives of others.


  1. torhagen

    Bring an uncensored version to europe and we can talk again

  2. kanaan pond

    Looks great

  3. KogashiwaKai


  4. YUXKE

    Man that so3 battle theme throwback. Good times!

  5. Nathaniel Hastings

    Crispin Freeman in Star Ocean 5 Confrimed.
    MY GOD, YES!!!!!!!

  6. Clavitz Rain

    Step aside Fidel, Victor is the new main just as Dias was to Claude.

    he looks really fluid compared to Fidel who seems clunky.

  7. sleepyprinny

    item synthesis and Private Actions…enough said.

    Though, I'm loving the 7 man party battles and character designs.

    That vibrant use of color is really working for me.
    Not harsh and not overly detailed…very balanced and smooth.

    But I dogress…ITEM SYNTHESIS AND PRIVATE ACTIONS MUST BE PRESENT for this to be a complete sequel!!!!!!

  8. Rikuo86

    I can already tell Victor is going to be my main.

  9. Noora نورة

    Will this have Japanese stereo?

  10. Jazneo Gaming

    wish it was PC as well

  11. fazz furry

    I could be wrong, but is Victor Oakville being voiced by Crispin 'Alucard' Freeman?

  12. Raansu

    Animations look like they have no weight or impact to them when hitting the enemy =/

  13. ACEJET1

    No one else notice this guy has the same skill set as arumat or is that just me? Come on square victor is just a sad clone of arumat he has damn near the same Attack animations!

  14. Snorlaxation

    aww. Flying Guillotine …

  15. PPmaq Channel

    Bahaha omg Victor has daddy issues

  16. MrTechnova

    Ooh dat voice, Crispen Freeman, hearig his voice is like music to my ears!!

  17. docblack59

    Wait I thought Victor was 30. Guess they changed his age.

  18. Adam Stockley

    Can someone tell me the track in the background, it sounds awesome!

  19. may fernandez


  20. Leshain

    Victor, and voiced by Crispen Freeman. Just like Albel the Wicked before him, he'll be my main and my personal favorite it seems. I wonder if he'll live up to the legendary pretty boy from Star Ocean Till The End of Time?

  21. Leshain

    Just noticed they reveal his age during the intro, tan skinned pretty
    boy is only 1 year older than me eh? I'm starting to notice a trend with
    Star Ocean games, nay', japanese action rpg games in general. they've
    subtly been upping the age of the main characters over the years. if i
    recall, Fayt Liongod is age 19 in SO3, while Edge Maverick is age 22 in SO4. Albel and Arumat I don't recall but I know for certain they're
    older than Fayt and Edge. Wonder how old Fidel is in SO5?

  22. GattlingCombo

    Was combat in earlier Star Ocean games faster or slower?

  23. Mono.

    kreygasm those Nel skills

  24. Mick Nat

    Hopefully this Crispen character plays better. I didn't like Albel. He was a good boss fight but he just seemed to die too easily when he joined my party.

  25. TheAAJYu

    Crispin Freeman, once again trying to be in every form of media ever.

  26. Niro Altice

    so badass

  27. Helel Alexander

    I like that he's black.

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