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At this point in history, between the second and third games in the series, the Pangalactic Federation is nearing the fulfilment of its mission to bring peace and order to the galaxy. However, the embers of conflict begin to stir once again six thousand light years from Earth, on the planet of Faykreed, as a new story begins in the cosmic sea.
The latest game in the series, foreshadows an unknown menace headed for the underdeveloped planet of Faykreed, where Fidel Camuze, his childhood friend Miki Sauvester, and a mysterious young girl named Relia get drawn into a battle that may change the fate of the planet. Originally debuted at Jump Festa, the localized trailer showcases the English voice actors for the first time and features the theme song, “Astra Nova,” by Japanese rock band androp.



  1. The Highground

    God bless Shuichi Kobayashi for continuing this series. Now if they just hire competent scenario writer and character designer it would be the greatest masterpiece ever…

  2. Larry Knight

    Aww man is this PS4 only?? Why no PC ; ;

  3. Sick Dizzy

    damnit, i can't stop looking at that fucking green haired witch lolitafashioned chessboard.

  4. Lukiro

    FFXV, KH3, NIER, SO5 square enix's lineup is fine as fuck damnnn.

  5. Socially Awkward Nerds/Gamers/Geeks

    OMG, This is making me so happy, I'm crying like a little girl. <3

  6. Azphix Xaxa

    "Integrity and Faithlessness"
    Whats up with the name?

  7. TheEgzi

    How come we cant get the same quality of voice acting in other square enix games, like we do get in bravely default?

  8. Ss7GoKu2000

    I thought this game was going to be on PC also. What Gives

  9. Wojtini D

    0:17 Is it Fassbender? Damn, I think it's him.

  10. Peach Pit Jones

    Oh the Star Ocean hype is on :DDD

  11. Rio Kasha

    So I played Star Ocean before but for like an hour and it was years ago, I dont even remember which one it was. As a fan of SE work, I would like to try this game but I want to know is this a game I can just pick up on or would I have to play the previous ones?

  12. Hailey Matthews

    Too many awesome games releasing this year…not enough time to play them all. What a good time it is, to be a gamer! xD

  13. Tomcat407

    why does this look like psp game

  14. pockylovingranger


  15. we Edwards

    Boy… the Japanese REALLY like to crap on religion. "Integrity and Faithlessness," garbage.

  16. we Edwards

    Now then, I would like to see this game have the story and character development of Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time; it still is my favorite of the series.

  17. Isaac R.

    Will the Japanese PS3 version have English subs?

  18. Hauskins

    Star ocean 2 pinnacle of old school JRPGs

    will this be the next one?

  19. Lay4jumper2

    Can't wait for this, and I am setsuna.

  20. Orchestra Gamer

    "You might never be able to rid yourself of that pain. It might influence how you life until the day you die but right now Relia, I want you to live for me"
    FUCK me dude, that gives me the chills!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kiko Montes

    I pre-order this game including Final Fantasy XV and Pokemon Moon. RIP Life.

  22. Perry D

    As someone relatively new to star ocean, I'm curious as to why the character designs look so dated? The environments look like they belong on this console but the characters themselves look like HD versions of PS2 era characters. Is this just part of the art?
    Either way I'm curious to check this game out. Is this a sequel to the previous games or is it like Final Fantasy where each game is its own thing and story?

  23. Gothic

    Square Enix is on fire this year.

  24. Kieran Duffy

    the guy kind of reminds me of Aoba from Dramatical Murders lol

  25. mikkozak

    All aboard the Hype train!!!!

  26. Joey Cyr

    will this game have a japanese language option?

  27. Francis Daiz

    so square, where is our star ocean 2 on ps4?

  28. fla078996

    Can someone who is well versed in Star Ocean lore, explain to me why the main character resembles Fayte from looks, down to movesets? I can't seem to find a answer anywhere, and would love to know! 😀

  29. Outcast ML

    is the collectors edition for this game already sold out, I go to the website and it just asks to be put on a waiting list, I know it was only 7500 copies to be made which isn't very much tbh, but I'm curious if there will be more because I'd rather pre order and have been waiting to pre order the game for months but if no more of the C.E's will be available then I can switch to the Day one or so forth instead

  30. ShakeSapir

    I love the tales series and planning trying final fantasy XV and I'm looking for new jrpg for my ps4
    Is it worth playing?
    By the way, do i need to play the previous games in order to understand this game?

  31. TBurianOnline

    I'd rather wait for reviews because several things got me worried here. First, yet again, mixing fantasy worlds in to this. Also, I'm not sure there is any challenge at all in 7 characters ganging up on just few mobs at a time. The characters look overdesigned and boring. I'm not gonna pretend like SO4 was some masterpiece but it had done several things I liked a lot, like good character design of the main heroes interesting sci-fi settings and I absolutely loved the first area (where you met Faize) and all the sci-fi looking places. Keeping my fingers crossed but only reviews can bring out the truth.

  32. Rand Name

    Don't worry Square Enix, one day you'll grow up and start developing for the PC market (which has more sales than every console combined). Looking forward to shaders, actual decent textures and stable framerates. Along with what made Star Ocean great in the first place, a thorough enough crafting system to feel great. It's okay Tri-Ace, everyone makes mistakes. That's how consoles were born, via a marketing mistake.

  33. TheDoctorwho747

    Can someone tell me if it is necessary to have played the other games to play this one? Or is it its own separate story

  34. Jon Cortana

    the Star Ocean series is amazing. If I had to pick one JRPG franchise to play for the rest of my life, it would be Star Ocean.

  35. OniSamaGin

    Fuck this game I expect better from something with square's name on it. The ending wasn't worth the stress of fighting through this so called adventure. More like a story about meddling in other peoples problems. It would have been something if it continued to a point that you saved the world but it had the feeling of beating some petty, butt-hurt nobody as the final boss. You cold have given him some real goals more than halfheartedly leading some civil war rebellion. it just makes his death even more pointles. End goal of the game with little to no build up = dies like a bitch. I bet that counts as a spoiler. Don't care. I couldn't muster any respect for this trash. There is so much more to hate than just the lack of adventure. the side quest where mostly just padding. soulless drone work of kill this or gather so much of that. Why did i need to find all this ebony for your house.. Dose it change anything? Only Welch and Ruddle Had any impact. But what good is a low level shop at the end of the game? Or a few cliche drama anime skits? The hallow aftertaste of the point of all "life" being pointless from Nier was better and feels more fulfilling.

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