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Relia drops into Fidel and Miki’s life with no memory of anything that transpired prior to meeting them, and if she ever had emotions, she does not display them anymore. She does, however, cling to Miki like a small child would her mother. On top of all this, someone appears to be doing everything in his or her power to capture Relia.

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Despite being designed as a research vessel, this craft also possesses decent offensive capabilities. It packs weaponry like phase cannons and photon torpedoes, shields that offer the highest degree of protection, and a warp engine anyone would be proud of, but also has numerous facilities for the many passengers it was made to carry. Among its spacious interior are groups of vendors, a sick bay, and a hall for the transport of personnel, which all help make the Charles D. Goale as self-sufficient as possible.

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  1. Chris C.

    I'm going to mess you up , Kay?!

  2. Frito Bandito

    >parenting simulator

  3. SuperDeluxe80

    lmao this cant be on PS4.

  4. Succubi Pie

    I can't tell her voice apart from NotEstelle

  5. Snorlaxation

    I love how when they start walking, that one lady 0:24 is just like, "oh! yeah ok, just walk right in front of me…"

  6. Alle Gretto

    Teaching Lymle's voice actress how to make a child character work, kay.

  7. Nero

    this looks promising

  8. Razgriz

    Zawwarudo !!!!!!! 1:14

  9. Don Juan Ribero

    You work on this shitty game but not Kingdom Hearts 3

  10. J Smooth Soul Beats

    360 could even handle game.

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