STAR OCEAN: Integrity and Faithlessness – Miki Spotlight

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Miki Sauvester is one of Fidel’s childhood friends, and having grown up with him, the two are very close. She’s positive and charmingly upbeat, but also very protective of those she cares about. Miki is imbued with signets that give her the ability to heal others, which makes her an invaluable ally.



  1. Rem

    I love these games!
    But why are the lip flaps still so TERRIBLE!?!?

  2. Ghost in The shell

    that big party line up. 7 people! !!!

  3. Flaming Saiyan

    another predictable heroine who likes a guys and right before he goes on an adventure it's "oh I'm coming with you" we all know she has feelings for him but she chooses to somehow force her way into his life until he falls in love with her yatta yatta blah blah blahhhh yea I'm getting tired of that bs. but the gameplay looks awesome.

  4. Moonlight RPG

    "Feel the Bern"!

    Even this game gets it! ( Bernie Sanders :P)

  5. Rikuo86

    Here's hoping they make the extra effort to animate the lip flaps to the dialogue. Although i'll understand if they don't.

  6. Karmiangod

    It's been so long since I've played a game like Star Ocean will be getting it day one with a PS4.

  7. Michael Nguyen

    pls have japanese dubbed voices too

  8. Lastedestiny

    It's dangerous to go alone. Take her with you. Please include her in the collectors edition if there is one

  9. nefarious k

    Always a childhood friend huh?

  10. YungTimeWeaver

    Her face kinda threw me off like is she even human?

  11. PsyGnosiS

    wtf fuck is that kind of lazy design of her face, no fucking nose, should be big as fucking nose like gandalf..

  12. Shin Guanyin

    dual JAP/ENG dialogue. Day one buy for me!

  13. Erin

    Jesus tit fucking lord the lip synching sucks. Kinda sucks too because the VA quality is otherwise solid.

    Game looks incredible all around though.

  14. Razuu

    So far my least favorite female lead of a SO game from first impressions. Still totally psyched for this game though.

  15. Razuu

    00:43 hold up am I seeing things or are color twins making a comeback?

  16. lostn65

    She looks very moe. Who voices her?

  17. Bearty

    To bad they had to censor her they gave her granny bloomers

  18. Jia L.

    Aw yiss, a game that is just about having fun instead of being super serious triple A bland as crap.

  19. LordofApache

    Enough with the censorship! Do not kowtow to Western feminist SJW idiots who are offended by everything!

  20. Ben OtakuXx

    Why does Miki remind me so much of Estelle from Tales of. Vesperia?

  21. Kamen

    nice voice synching there square.

  22. 246Rennie

    Pink hair and Estelle's voice actress…we meet again.

  23. Spacious

    Too cute.

  24. lostn65

    Do you get your own choice of waifu or is it predetermined for you?

  25. Micaiah the Otaku Gamer [HybridAngelZero]

    I can't believe a game this gorgeous can run on the PS3…
    Not that the PS3 version is coming out outside of Japan…

  26. Mick Nat

    Sounds like Sumia, Estelle, Marie. Could this be Eden Riegel!?

  27. Succubi Pie

    What's wrong with her faaaaace?

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