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Meet the voice actors that bring the characters of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness to life.

Voice Cast:
Tessa Netting, voice of Relia
Max Mittelman, voice of Fidel Camuze
Eden Riegel, voice of Miki Sauvester
Crispin Freeman, voice of Victor Oakville
Aimée Castle, voice of Fiore Brunelli
Erica Luttrell, voice of Anne
Christopher Corey Smith, voice of Emmerson

The Stars Await You.

Available June 28th. Learn more at


  1. Nickolas Hylton

    Step 1 Starts Star ocean
    Step 2 Select Japanese voice
    Step 3 Enjoy my game

  2. catokeeffe

    Yay for union dubs!

  3. Stardust - NCXV Gaming

    Crispin Freeman and CCS best VA off All!

  4. Canım Türkiyem

    Wow, a video showcasing the English voice actors. This is actually pretty cool, thanks Square Enix. I like hearing whatever they have to say about the character they voice. Eden Riegel is one of the best voice actress, I love her voice and can't wait to hear her in SMT IV:A.

  5. Joseph Ocasio

    I always appreciate the behind the scenes with the actors for games.

  6. Abdel Hassan

    Why is it always one character who has a really bad voice actor who just doesn't fit him/her.

  7. Psychotic Ninja

    Crispin Freeman looks like a teen.

  8. Kougeru

    Outside of Crispin Freeman, dub is lackluster IMO

  9. jax holmes

    there is more English voice actor reveals for this game than there are for final fantasy 15

  10. Flaming Saiyan

    Erica Luttrell how could this? be she's one of the best for those of you who don't know she's been on fallout 4,Dishonored 2,diablo 3 and she's even on steven universe.

  11. Chris C.

    They need to do this a lot more often! I love seeing voice actors behind the scenes.

  12. Jerry Flowers

    Crispin Freeman, YEAH! DIVINE WRATH!

  13. John B

    Wow Tessa ?

  14. lostn65

    Miki is so moe. And she's played by the awesome Marie from P4G.

  15. Kristen Walsh

    Tessa <3

  16. LittleTouchOfCrazy

    Tessa! Love you so much!!!

  17. Hector Montes

    Does Crispin Freeman even age?

  18. jlwest23

    Oh man Aimee Castle I remember her from Big Wolf on Campus.

  19. Michael Hall

    Crispin Freeman should have voiced every character in this game, including the women.

  20. fonarte

    Such a great cast assembled. Excited

  21. MazdaChief

    If only Persona fans can appreciate good dubs. Atlus has a good track record for quality dubs too. The fanbase is just toxic.

  22. Sincerely Otaku

    I want this game so bad X( …but can't because square enix dicided to make SO5 only ps4 for the west, while japan has a ps3 version.

    I waited 7 long years for a new SO and finally we got it but good ol' me can't have it because PS4 are crazy expensive from where I am, they go over $8000.

  23. teamhebi13

    Crispin Freeman i'm getting this

  24. jFields99

    2:04 for Max Mittelman voice

  25. Michael Hazell

    The vocal cast is good. Too bad this is the weakest star ocean ever released

  26. [Spawn]

    Star Ocean 5: Crispy Freedom
    Thats a just name :3

  27. LightningBS

    Aimée Castle from Big Wolf On Campus. She still looks great.

  28. jlowe

    Now i can finally put faces to the horrible voice acting.

  29. Rarzar Bex

    Is tessa netting even a voice actor tho?

  30. tymcbee

    They did such a great job on this game. I didn't know BIANCA from All My Children (Eden Riegel) did the voice of Miki!

  31. normalguycap

    It's hilarious to watch the actors talk about the characters as if they are deeper than the shallow, dull, unmemorable tripe that they were.

  32. Sarah Shakōteki

    I think every single one of them did a great job bringing the characters alive and it was fun watching this short but fun clip of the voice over actors and actress'.

    I also admire and appreciate how much they go into the character and try to fully be them 🙂

  33. Gaming With Spoons

    the characters were one of the best things about game. cant say that for the story though

  34. Alvin Reyes

    Shame that the game was quite disappointing, the English cast was definitely solid though.

  35. Shaojin

    Wait who plays the one in the middle @ 2:52 or does she not have any line?

  36. lyhthegreat

    0:15 winston!!

  37. Riley Garraway

    Your so cool Eden riegel I'm gonna buy this game and start playing it I'm a gamer just because she's a character in it awesome

  38. linakeRenee11

    When I heard Crispin Freeman was returning to the star ocean franchise as Victor, I lost it. Albel Nox from SO3 was my first love and his voice acting knows no bounds to how well he can portray various characters ?

  39. ghostboy2133

    This game should came out on xbox one

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