Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness – Kingdom of Resulia

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Resulia is a vibrant kingdom that represents everything great about the Vestielian continent. Recently, however, it has been wracked by threats, including cursed beasts and a fiendish group of bandits named Eitalon. This upheaval plaguing Resulia is one reason Fidel and his companions embark on their journey; they wish to restore balance to this once productive and safe nation.


  1. neko77025

    I really Hate all this fast combat .. go back to the old school strategy system …

  2. Canım Türkiyem

    Is it true that this only plays on one planet? It seems that it's very short but I really want to play this to scratch that Tales of itch after the disastrous Zestiria. I need some more Sakuraba battle theme in my life, the game really does look good.

  3. HappySolarSystem

    I hope we get to play as the other characters in the overworld. Just running around as Fidel seems a little boring. Can anyone confirm this for me?

  4. No Comment

    final fantasy 12

  5. Joey Cruz

    this really reminds of xenoblade's environments for some reason. really beautiful game!

  6. Leshain

    i want to be excited for this but with the lack of an Albel the Wicked character / Arumat Thanatos character aka The badass male anti-hero of the group it absolutely feels lacking.

  7. Squarion

    0:12 i see the ocean aspect, and now for the star aspect

  8. AZoz a

    please all game ps4 ksa

  9. ThisistheTale

    Hopefully this is as good as The Last Hope

  10. Kyle Bovet

    time to get a PS4

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