STAR OCEAN: Integrity and Faithlessness – Fiore Spotlight

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One of the most adept signeturges, even when compared to her fellow researchers at the Royal Institute of Signetary Studies in Langdauq. The complex signets she has imbued allow her to inundate her foes with a torrential downpour of destructive spells.


  1. David Meunier

    Big boobies, love it ! <3

  2. Platinum Overdrive

    Skyrim modders you know what to do and don't forget them jiggle physics.

  3. God's Soldier

    I wanted to be excited for this game. But damn it looks so outdated. How can there be absolutely no objects in the environment? It's just a giant landscape with nothing else to give the areas life.

  4. Kamen

    maybe it's just me but that battle music is way too similar to Baten Kaitos.

  5. MorianGray

    Can I keep her? No seriously is she a a possible romance interest? Can we go back to that instead of the awful half-assed interactions of Star Ocean:Whiny Baby Cries in Space (last star ocean game)


    hmmm.Has potential.

    I might get this.Had no intention of getting it until now…

  7. Lady de Selby

    i dont get why they insist on playing it so seriously though.

  8. Anon Myous

    now only if they didn't "edit" this game for the streisand effect (or prude westerners) this would be a $25 purchase…now its a $5 purchase.
    Don't listen to pussies about fanservice squeenix.

  9. TheHornet79

    Anime as hell

  10. Mr Buster

    Where's Albel Nox when you need him. He'd have a word or two to say about her warderobe and generally something non cliche on just about every aspect of the story. I love star ocean series but dammit does it need good character writing in most cases…

  11. lostn65

    Is that skin she is showing, or just skin colored squares on the fabric?

  12. Leshain

    I'm only interested in playing Victor (Primary) of the available Male selectable characters of this unimpressive roster. but on the female side, I gotta admit, most likely going to secondary this woman. I like to keep things balanced if at all possible, 1 favorite male character and 1 favorite female character. The problem is, the design for both Victor and Fiore is trash, I can at least put up with Victor's weird tan skin and blonde hair with red highlights combo but her neon green hair and bright yellow eyes remind me of C.C. from Code Geass, bad design. But eh, at least she has Selvaria tier boobees. :3

    Edit: Dayum, just realized they reveal the ages of the characters in these intros, Fiore is the same exact age as me… 25. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͡ ͜ʖ ͡°) ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. Reuizi

    wtf with that clothing choice

  14. Shovel

    Who is her VA?

  15. Durararagi

    With Motoi Sakurba as the composer and, I think, Estelle's VA, this very much reminds me of Vesperia.
    All the more reason to like it.

  16. Flegan777

    Everyone sounds well cast in English, as I expected they would be.

  17. phostime

    Scientist with tatas…. She's a scientits!

  18. Rikki

    imagine the tanlines, lol

  19. Alma Wade

    I love how she walks…cough

  20. Mick Nat

    Anyone recognize the voice actress? I feel like I've heard her before.

  21. Don Dude

    I am….what….HOLY WORSHIP DAT ASS!


    This looks like fun! I'm going to get this!

  23. TheAAJYu

    Never thought I'd hear music from Star Ocean: The Last Hope here… I'm somewhat glad they did put it in.

  24. Jonathan Locke

    I play for the plot.

  25. King Kazuya

    Fiore's real name is fucking hot.

  26. Osirah

    Her walking and running animations are SEXY AS FUCK

  27. michael treu

    They are making
    this simple for the dummies this time around.
    30 hours… 45 hours of gameplay with all side stuff

  28. Gvaz

    Anyone else notice how blocky and low res the cities are? for something labeled as "bustling" they are sure clean and fairly empty for a "city"

  29. Tugjbj Jhhj

    holy shit day one for me Beautifull tits

  30. DigitsCorner

    im shocked that the sjw cunts are not attacking her outfit

  31. Steven Higa

    Welp, time to buy.

  32. Raging Doge

    best waifu

  33. Zero Resistance

    Hahaha I mean I love her xD. They jiggle so much

  34. Helel Alexander

    Great lesbian character.

  35. Nury Mykael

    Not bad spothlights..spotlight.

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