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Fidel Camuze is the hero of our story and the son of the country’s military advisor. Under his father’s tutelage, Fidel learned to wield a sword at an early age and has since become more than proficient with that weapon—so much so that he now teaches the art of swordsmanship to those in his hometown of Sthal. Like his upstanding father, Fidel feels a sense of honor and responsibility to use his skills for the sake of protecting his village.



  1. nonchalantxsteve

    Looks better than tales of zestiria

  2. RagnaXBL

    holy shit sakuraba gotdayum

  3. Stardust - NCXV Gaming

    Ethereal Blast! Fayt Leingod!? is that you? 0_0

  4. DamuEmran

    Crispin Freeman FTW!!! He was awesome as Itachi Uchiha,Sundowner,Cole from initial D, and Alan Gabriel in Big 0 and Baludr from Too Human.

  5. r3dGilgamesh

    It's so annoying how they keep making this games for the ps3, instead of making them for the ps4. They'll always feel half assed.

  6. Milher Méndez

    Spanish Sub…
    PLEASEEE Square-Enix…

  7. bumbayker

    I know Miki refers Fidel as "Fidel-nii" in the Japanese voice over since he's like an older brother to her. But why the hell call him "Finley"?

  8. Delacroix

    love the bgm. Been waiting for a fucking decent jrpg on a long time.

  9. Ghost in The shell

    this is the year people
    persona 5
    star ocean 5
    final fantasy 15
    The last guardian
    gravity rush 2

  10. Joey Cruz

    I can't believe this a SEVEN PEOPLE PARTY??? All at the same time!!!!

  11. Rikuo86

    Ethereal Blast!? Does this mean we'll finally get some closure about SO3's massive plot twist?

  12. Leshain

    0:19 Crispen Freeman confirmed to be the badass guy in black x red outfit?

  13. gamerprince1999

    Look epic as fuck!!!!!1 I really want this game now! The dub is not amazing but its probably just because I'm used to the Japanese voices after following this game for a while before the dubs started appearing in trailers lol

  14. clownavenger

    At least our protagonist is not just some random guy that out of nowhere excels at fighting. Looking forward to a good Star Ocean.

  15. Vagrant Gin

    i see the same enemies from the lasthope but i'll still get it cause i'm hungry for jrpg nowadays

  16. Destined Star

    day 1 buy

  17. Larry

    The english dub sounds pretty good so far, you could possibly even say it is going to be…..stellar.

  18. Aroder

    SE buy rights to xenosaga and make more of that game too! cant wait for SO!!

  19. Adrianno Roshiark

    Ethereal Blast? Fayt Clone?

  20. keioII

    One of my most hyped JRPG this year. But I'm kinda worried, will the release date be overlapping with the other big JRPG titles coming this year? My wallet wouldn't be able to hold out. D:

  21. Razuu

    That Ethereal Blast looks fucking amazing. Excited to see how this ties in with SO3

  22. Metagoon

    I saw Air Raid. I cried.

  23. Ryuseki

    So this dude knows air raid and ethereal blast……….Hmmmmmm

  24. Yuu Richard

    so far i saw this guy using Claude, Fayt, and Edge`s skills, what makes me suprise is Ethereal Blast, i thought that skill was Fayt exclusive because of his destruction power

  25. pockylovingranger

    Looks liek the combat engine is gonna be closer to the one from Till the End of Time rather then The Last Hope, SWEET

  26. MorianGray

    Plot twist: You end up in Cuba by the end of the game

  27. Leshain

    Yup, checking on this again, i was indeed right. SO3 = Fayt Age: 19 / SO4 = Edge Age: 22 / SO5 = Fidel Age: 23. I knew it! The characters overall are getting older each new entry in the series. I wonder if it's to keep up with the young adult audience now to relate? Back in 2005 or was it 2006? when SO3 came out on PS2, I was only 15 or 16 years old… so it makes sense if that is what Tri-Ace is doing.

  28. Ali Mehdi

    Fidley omg lol

  29. Micaiah the Otaku Gamer [HybridAngelZero]

    Why is this game so beautiful?! Also, seven character battles?! My frothing demand for this game increases.

  30. Darth Anus

    My thumb was twitching to hold the Circle button when he used Ethereal Blast…

  31. Narukami鳴上



    What kind of Fayt Leingod is this?

  33. Jadson Belarmino

    Fidel leingod rrsrs

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