Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness E3 2016 – Launch Trailer

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The Stars Await You in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Experience the story of Fidel Camuze, his childhood friend Miki Sauvester, and a mysterious young girl named Relia who holds the key to the story, as they get drawn into a battle that may change the fate of the planet. Available on PlayStation® 4 on June 28th.

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  1. CyberGenesis

    Roy Mustang sounds good

  2. Jo Mormont

    Terrible voice acting/dialogue ruins it. Can't take it seriously unless there is a Japanese voice option.

  3. CosGamerApp

    Looks great! can't wait to pick it up!

  4. Pariahwulfen

    Fifteen years ago I would have been ravenous for this, now I'll wait until I can see some of the actual game.

  5. Ocyris151

    Looks like another piss poor generic offering to stay on par with all recent Squeenix products. I miss the days of good story telling from Squaresoft.

  6. Klpire123

    Damn, some of that lip syncing is worse than Life is Strange.

  7. Kevin Santillan

    Reminds me of sagi from Baten kaitos

  8. AzureRoxe

    I would've expected it to be released for PC and Xbox One, but it seems to be a PS4 exclusive.

    Well, the ratings for the game aren't good, but they aren't bad either, it's "meh".

  9. GamerGuy1975

    I loved the star ocean series but can't bring myself to play another title knowing the universe is a computer simulation… Thanks till the end of time!

  10. Chibi Asada

    can't stand it is ps4. LOVE the star ocean series. hate the fact I have to play it on console

  11. Skred

    Been a huge fan since Star Ocean on the SNES, fell in love with Second Story and Till The End Of Time. Had this baby pre-ordered months ago and was waiting for the game store to open this morning to get it and the book. Never listen to ratings, never, go with what you like. I binged this game for about 6 hours after I got it home, gameplay is awesome love how seamless the battles are.

  12. zedo0

    Well Square Enix u lost my sale for the collector's edition with your shabby customer service on the online store. Would've loved to get the game but u obviously don't respect your loyal fans. I'll stick with Atlus and Xseed. I get treated much better with those companies,


    are the characters gunna be tolerable this time or weabo like the last game

  14. Ryan Stinnett

    Start Ocean: Questionable & Nostril-less

  15. Andy R

    Now, let's hope they will have Seraphic Gate, but probably won't. I am positive we will see Ethereal Queen and Gabriel Celeste again. The iconic duo.

  16. LordStar

    This looks kinda stupid

  17. fullofsinshine

    lol Fayt 2.0

  18. Xavier Jones-Benjamin


  19. UnBR0k3enAngel

    Is there an option for Japanese VAs? Because this sounds shit…

  20. Vincent Ferry

    well this be on steam?

  21. Bloodylaser

    To bad this game sucked

  22. WeActOnImpulse Official

    Don't think i'm so ignorant as to miss your illuminati eye and demon face at 1:45 ya fuckin' illuminati bastards

  23. 123hiroya

    Weeb game

  24. jake gordon

    Anyone have a video of just the song?

  25. skeptorG

    Why the hell does this remind me of blue dragon and sword art online so much?

  26. GAMMA 1184

    eternal sonata is that you :0

  27. Lu Sekai

    I want to play this and also watch it

  28. Owl Eyes

    so i saw this video as an ad and i had no idea what it was and during the first shot of the earth where you hear the peoples voices i right away wondered if this was an anime game because of those voices, totally called it, find it funny you can pretty much tell if something is an anime just by the voice actors

  29. MochaxMatcha

    I was going to skip the ad as soon as the 5 secs were up. But then I heard Crispin Freeman's voice and was like "NOPE GOTTA LISTEN TO THIS"

  30. Belca Reza

    I just want faize back.

  31. TjadSenpai

    its awesome ~!

  32. Jane Doe

    PC please

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