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From item crafting to side quests and dungeon crawling, adventure is limitless on the undeveloped planet Faykreed IV. The stars awaits you in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Available on PlayStation® 4 on June 28th.

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Rated Teen: Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol


  1. BrotherJrake

    Narrator-san is your name Eric Vale?

  2. GT6SuzukaTimeTrials

    Is it better than Star Ocean 2 though? I doubt it. No Star Ocean game will ever recapture the magic of that one.

  3. koyzish

    Looks outdated. Thanks PS3 release…

  4. Scott Steeves

    When will I be able to buy it on PSN? Will there be a pre-load for launch day? I hope so.

  5. FantasmaOcchi2

    Can't wait.

  6. Cristian Negru

    Im hoping the game is good. The story looks kinda light hearted.

  7. willzurmacht

    I've just read that the story takes place before the "Till the End of Time". So basically this is an instant disappointment since the final game in the series had a very bad twist. How would you regain back the interest in the story once you discover that the characters were just mere virtual game products.

  8. Stewart Moyer

    Question for someone who knows a lil about this game, will there be parts were the story stops and im FORCED to do sidequests? I can't stand that it's the reason I stop playing Xenoblade Chronicals X.

  9. chaosdream1

    Im ready af

  10. Tugjbj Jhhj

    never play star ocean im super anxious for this

  11. CogniVision

    I can smell the microtransactions from a mile away. Fuck you.

  12. JeZues 69

    almost here

  13. Revolt

    Why no ps3?

  14. Ryan Davis

    FF12 is the best jrpg of all time imo

  15. Elliott Blair

    this game is meant to hold you off until FF15

  16. Andres F

    So is this a multiplayer game and is it a safe betr that its good? Whats the biggest role playing game for the ps4 right now? in terms of quality?

  17. Allen Tax

    I worry to the battle system. As you know in Hope it had that annoying actions bar conditions. Hated it broke outside of battle   and as save.

  18. Josh Teixeira

    Less than a week! GAH!

    Going to be my first Star Ocean. So excited!

  19. Kyle

    Hope I win that Give away contest, I so want this game! Looks Amazing 🙂 I want something to hold me off till Kingdom Hearts 3 🙂

  20. David Hill

    I've had my first play session of this game tonight. I disagree with the Internet discourse surrounding this game. I think it's better than Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which I played for 6 years. The reception of this game will get better with age.

  21. Zagi Kujaribu

    The worst Square Enix game I ever played. Can't believe I fell for this dry game, it's just bad acting, and one gameplay mechanic. The story is extremely ridiculous aswell and its just the same limited areas you have to travel over and over. Final Fantasy 12 on ps2 was bigger than this.

  22. MtMarshi

    If I had to best review this game, it would be to simply say it is the perfect filler RPG to tide you over until the big epic proper RPG's come out.

  23. MtMarshi

    Why is it that Star Ocean games always seem to get mediocre reviews and attention when they first come out, but then the public perception of them grows as the game gets older? Both Till the End of Time and The Last Hope both got criticized when they first came out but now alot of people view them as cream if the crop JRPG's. After putting 7 hours into IAF I can happily say its a great game. My only concern is that 20 hour story, but apparently at one point the game opens right up with hundreds of hours of side quests and dungeons, so I guess I will have to wait and see on that.

  24. Andrew Martin

    i think i just got bitch slapped and robbed by square enix…. 🙁 took the game back, absolutely terrible.

  25. Andrew Martin

    square enix why would you do this to long time star ocean fans? this star ocean is TERRIBLE you could have remastered till the end of time.

  26. coriontatereed

    I'm interested cause it's a square enix game but I'm disinterested cause it's sci-fi

  27. Faytlan

    Aun no he jugado este SO, pero ninguno supera el Star Ocean 3.

  28. TheDoctorwho747

    Can someone tell me if it is necessary to have played the other games to play this one? Or is it its own separate story

  29. SapiaNt0mata

    it's really a shame that the PC version hasn't come out cause they were having difficulty trying to find a way for players without a controller to play the game.

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