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The battle system for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness let’s players fight with up to 7 characters simultaneously in massive, real-time battles.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness comes to PS4 on June 28th in the US and July 1st in Europe!

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  1. AzureZero20XX

    Switching party members in battle _ yes!

  2. Tidus

    Persona 5
    Final Fantasy 15
    Kingdom hearts 2.8
    Star Ocean 5

    My life will be complete

  3. Kyle Alves

    finally a game where you can use more than 4 party members in combat!!!!!

  4. MysteryBounty

    Anyone know why it is getting hated on in Japan?

  5. Yusei255

    Heasrd this game is short and that it feels like Square-enix has rushed the game

  6. Z CannabyssNinja

    this looks amazing! been awhile since the ps2

  7. Xelthos

    I like the fact that it brings the entire recruited character party into the fight for a change instead of pretending they don't exist except for a few cut scenes like normal RPGs, haha.

  8. Lionxheart

    only SO i played was the second story. Now i wanna get this because of the nostalgia.

  9. Leonardo Diniz

    This music is Sakuraba! I ain't even searched, but that's unmistakable!

  10. Lucas Wynn

    This is exactly why I got a PS4 and a TV! I have now Pre-Ordered the game. Time to wait. 😀

  11. Nepudding

    Great damn grapich as always, but.
    I still prefer turn based battle system and Transform system, like fairy fencer,

  12. Rasheed Lindsey

    OMG So many familiar moves and skills, so many familiar ways to thrash enemies! All characters on screen at once! I can't believe my dream is finally coming true and through one of the most beloved franchises I've ever played! I can't believe it how much RPGs are evolving and so quickly! This game might actually beat out, dare I say it, Star Ocean Till The End Of Time (SO3)! I can't wait to buy! My summer lineup is looking very RPG heavy this year! WOOH! I need to hurry up and get my PS4 ASAP!!!

  13. teamhebi13

    wow star ocean and the techonmancer both games looks good

  14. Jaimie Legein

    20 hours of a dull world but then the combat gets me to buy it…

  15. monkol

    i think the battle actions are way too smooth… I dont really feel like hitting anyone.

  16. OkeArt


  17. Hyou Vizer

    remember when we had hope this game would be good……

  18. BlackCherry

    I just finished it (late to the party i know) but this was one of the worst rpgs i have ever played. Poor combat, shit story and way, WAY too much walking (I love exploring just not the same paths over and over) Also good thing they never showed more than 10 secs of him attacking or you would of seen that he has only two attacks =/

  19. Kuruto Kuruto

    wait, what!!
    8 member in 1 party???

  20. Tsunami Barrier

    I got a seizure just watching this for 2 minutes. Nice shitty ass camera there. Great way to destroy a series.

  21. criosray

    There should be an option to turn off all these flashy annoying effects…

  22. Juan Rivera

    Can someone tell me the point of using 6 characters at the same time?

  23. gamerprince1999

    I heard this game was really bad

  24. crankyboiy

    This would be nice with only 3 players. 7 is too many.

  25. thsh3s

    still waiting for this on PC

  26. joshua campbell

    Still remmber my star ocean the secound story chars i used claude dias jean bowman rena

  27. Gabriel Anghel

    Hei im still wating for a pc port -.- XD

  28. Terrestrial_Bullitt_5373N

    Thank god for JRPGs NO MP online trophies!
    I wish developers place MP online trophies in a separate tab like those DLC trophies.
    If it wasn't for these trophies, my platinum count would've been doubled.

  29. Ahmad Syazwan

    RDR 2 babe! .)

  30. Conservative News Network of America

    No idea what this game was looks ok.. only here cuz I bought the collectors edition off someone on ebay for about 20$ I think I can buy a copy of the game and resell it for edleast 80$ maybe 100$ lmao anybody play this game in 2018? Is it any good? Might give it a try in between the time it takes me to sell the collectors edition

  31. miki miki

    Translate in italian

  32. almond cosas

    Well not bad. Characters seem mediocre to me.. or… they have some characters that you can get through out the story through side quests? Hmmmm..

  33. Alexis barb's

    Star ocean 1 and 2 for switch ??

  34. 5 Reason


  35. Juni Delgado Colon

    This Star Ocean have:

    The Good Is:

    1-Great game plays and battle system
    2-Nices graphic
    3-NPC participate in battle in the story situations
    4-Great music

    The Bad Is:

    1-Lack of some cut scenes
    2-The real time dialog i cant' tell who is talking
    3-Eight characters in battle was very bad and unnecessary
    4-Minors details like opening doors and etc.

    I rate 4 of 8

    Please Square-Enix… do a better job next time and stop rushing games.

  36. Moh. Zul Khairan Khairan

    Please release this on pc

  37. TheKrensada

    generic anime character RPG the game.

  38. StormwindSakuro

    1:43 what a beautiful and deadly magic… trully a wizard of culture…

    bakuretsu ! bakuretsu ! lalala !

  39. Tomi Valkonen

    Is this one of those games where they yell all their move names.

    Fire punch!, fire punch! Fire punch!, bunny kick!, fire punch! Bunny kick!
    Now imagine 7 dumbasses screaming their lungs out. ?

    I finished The Last Hope on X360 ages ago but I dont remember if it had that. God I hope not. It was pretty decent romp, though.

  40. Jane Doe

    please release this on PC

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