STAR OCEAN First Departure R | Promotion Trailer

Pre-order on PlayStation 4 now:

The first entry in the STAR OCEAN franchise is reborn as STAR OCEAN First Departure R.

Featuring full English and Japanese voiceovers, brand new character illustrations, and balanced gameplay features, STAR OCEAN First Departure R brings the franchise back to its origins in beautiful HD. Available on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch on 12.5.19.


  1. Lone Wisdom

    PC or no buy

  2. Zhuravliov

    Please! Do it for PC too. To hell with Shit-ch.

  3. frankie mcmillan

    Holy shit! I was just playing this on psp

  4. Alejandro Leon

    I'm excited for this. Especially cause I've never played it

  5. TFE-TheFlamingEmblem

    Kinda disappointed, was hoping for actual 3d models and a whole remake of the battle system, but now… I'm just disappointed. Hoping SS isn't like this.

  6. Duwang King

    New Features:
    HD Remastered Visuals
    2x Speed
    Switch Between English Voice Cast, PSP Japanese Voice Cast and SNES/Super Famicom Japanese Voice Cast.
    Switch Between PSP Character Art and Brand New Character Art based on the SNES/Super Famicom Character Art.

  7. StarDragonJP

    Man, was hoping ya'll would translate the names correctly this time. It's always a shame when the fan translation is better then the official one. The Japanese trailer even had their names in English too.

  8. ノアネ


  9. Juni Delgado Colon

    I WAS PLANING TO BUY BOTH VERSION AS PHYSICAL COPY FOR THE PS4 AND SWITCH TO AT 60$ BUCKS!!! (120$ IN TOTAL) BECAUSE I FIND IT INTERESTING!!! and by surprise is fucking digital only…………………. i feel BETRAYED!!! COWARD!!! SQUARE-ENIX!!! i will buy it only for Ps4 for (20:99$) and because the rest of the series is there…

  10. Großmeister Yoda

    After the Collection of Mana please give us a Star Ocean (Retro) Collection with Star Ocean: First Departure, Second Story (Second Evolution) & the GameBoy Color part Star Ocean Blue Sphere.

  11. Daniel Doucet

    Would of been better if it was a remake

  12. CenturianEagle

    MAN I NEED A PLAYSTATION! (Or a switch) Why did I get xbox! I mean, it’s fun and all, but damn, final fantasy 7 remake is coming out… seiken densetsu 3 remake (I think they’re calling it secret of mana trials or something?) star ocean remake now too!!?! This shits crazy!! And dragon quest 11, I missed out on that too. What’s next? A surprise 3D remake of chrono trigger? I’m missing out sooo badly lol. Ok I’ll stop whining now ?

  13. Prosmerian

    Can you pretty please release this ONLY on Epic Launcher! Steam has been flooded with alt-right nazi fake games and if you release this on Epic Launcher. Many true and honest gamers will buy this amazing game.

  14. IMRavnos

    1:36 I bet that just sold some copies.

  15. Rand Name

    This game could work as a decent stop-gap until the REMAKE of Star Ocean: The Second Story (plz and thx). :]

  16. juggernautxx

    Wouldn't mind seeing this come to Steam.

  17. Vincent Wolf

    Last time i played this was on the psp. Was pretty fun and the last real star ocean game I truly enjoyed. Definitely recommend it if you enjoy 2D action RPGs.

  18. Dakota Sellers

    I remember playing this on PSP and am very excited to get the chance to replay it.

  19. Deathbrewer

    Nice. I always loved the first game. Good to see it being remastered in HD but still preserving those nice pixel graphics 😉

  20. Peter Griffin

    I NEVER knew there was another Star Ocean game that was just like Second Story!!! Omg!!! BEAUTIFUL. I love the sprite artwork and Motoi Sakuraba music. I wish this were created for PC/Steam I would've purchased it. 🙁

  21. FoShoMang

    Tomato firestorm blade!!

  22. Kei Amaya

    Digging the Japanese audio

  23. Oscar Fanola Zenteno

    gold trophy: get all endings =100 hours playing xd

  24. blickeroni

    Instead of Faithlessness and Integrity, They should've just remade this game with modern graphics.

  25. manuel varela

    Please remake or remaster star ocean 2

  26. James Lockwood

    Bring the PS4 Port of Star Ocean 2 to NA PLEASE

  27. Dusty B

    Games like this deserve a LE

  28. shaq430

    Really looking forward to this. Hopefully the Second Story will be coming to the PS4 as well. I wish the Star Ocean series would go back to the 2d art style of the first 2 games for future installments. They would do really well

  29. Edward Jam

    Can we turn off the gay ass voice overs?

  30. Lampshades, Soap & Beyond

    Cat girls and spaceships. Elon's got his preorder in.

  31. Nibelung Valesti

    SO2, and bring this shit to a relevant platform – PC, you fuckaroos.

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