STAR OCEAN First Departure R – Launch Trailer

Launching today for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

Download on PS4:
Download on Switch:

The groundbreaking first entry in the STAR OCEAN series triumphantly returns! Reunite with beloved allies and friends, hone a vast array of weapons and skills, and change the future for a sea of stars.

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  1. xxnike629xx

    I would love to see a physical release for this as well.

    Perhaps later if you guys did a Star Ocean Second Evolution R you could pack both games physically for PS4 on 1 disc?

    Maybe also you could do the same for Star Ocean Til the End of Time (PS4) and Star Ocean The Last Hope (PS4) and release a physical disc version with those 2 in 1 set?

    Maybe people prefer physical releases more than digital.

  2. NPC

    Yes I'm buying it!!

  3. muhammad safwan


  4. Cassidy Jay Williams

    0:180:20 They made Pericci even cuter than ever.

  5. trycon40

    dear square enix
    PLEASE release a physical edition for the nintendo swith and ps4
    thank you

  6. GameOctane

    This looks absolutely amazing. Thank you <3

  7. Gonzalo Pulgar

    Estara en español??

  8. Brandon Alejandro


  9. Rikukey2

    Loved this game when it was on the psp. Love it know. Cant wait till I get home to play this

  10. MMO Archives

    damn, another 8 bit game, i was hoping more like the last game with high end graphics and story

  11. Sista Jinx Thomas

    Meh I'm fine with my psp version!

  12. bowserlv100

    NICE! OMG! Star Ocean Never Die!

    Bring the Star Ocean 6.
    Also bring us Star Ocean 5 "reborn" with plot corrections and other much-criticized things in the game. (This includes sponge damage and I.A weak enemies, super easy gameplay, screen pollution with so many spells and simultaneous techniques, and include necessary PAUSES between super spells and ordinary spells.)

  13. strippinheat

    Two questions:
    Are Japanese voices an option?
    Are you going to finally bring over SO2?

  14. Angel Us


  15. Ninja

    They don’t make new games like this anymore ?

  16. GT6SuzukaTimeTrials

    Differences between this and PSP version?

  17. No Face

    I have shit to study and life, god dammit these games keep coming ??

  18. Okami Jones

    I did say I wanted to play older JRPGs

  19. Dorcel Howe

    I'm buying it for both platforms. Support this and they will do more remakes of amazing classics!

  20. Michael Trapani

    I'd like to see a Star Ocean game that isn't PS2-level

  21. Stoop Floy

    Physical version PLEASE

  22. Alpha


  23. Dragonisable

    so you failed with star ocean anamnesis.. but bring another mobile star ocean for mobile the game deserves it

  24. Handyoma

    А где пк порт?

  25. ThatGuyWhoFanDubs

    There is so much nostalgia here. Gosh, I miss those good old days when this was all I cared about. Video games these days lack the charm and appeal that the original Star Ocean games had. Cant wait to replay this title.

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