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STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS is an epic action-RPG that puts you in the captain’s chair as you lead a team of heroes across the galaxy. Immerse yourself in a rich sci-fi fantasy universe and experience fast-paced combat rendered with gorgeous 3D graphics! Free to download now for iOS and Android devices!



Take command of a squad of four heroes in real-time battles! Dodge enemies, time your attacks, and manage your abilities to decimate the enemy!


Beautifully rendered character models and awe-inspiring special attacks bring next-gen graphics to the palm of your hand!


Choose from attackers, sharpshooters, defenders, invokers, and healers to form specialized parties. With dozens of characters, each with their own passive and active abilities, the possibilities are endless!


With a universe full of hostiles you’re going to need some backup! Jump into multiplayer co-op battles and work with your teammates to take down the toughest foes the galaxy has to offer!


  1. Juni Delgado Colon

    Star Ocean Anamnesis on mobible ugh… no…, better on Nintendo Switch! is more accessible to anyone.

  2. M.F.E. Rey

    gatcha gatcha everywhere.. damn

  3. Tみずほ

    The most famous Anamnesis movie in Japan

  4. HadeaRin

    Actually a lot of phone can play this if you hijack the google play system requirement. The game is actually fun and the gacha isn't as crazy as FGO (that one is pure madness). If you like real-time action-battle system, this game is having a good one. Farming isn't as crazy as GBF-level farming, it is goddamn casual. The chara model used here is VERY VERY neat. I think it is from the PS3/4 game that is directly put into the game (thus making lots of phone incompatible by Google Play). The story itself isn't that bad, the JP server is in the 2nd part of it. Also, the game is capable to last for almost 2 years in JP.

    Give the game a chance, really. It's not like this is EA.

  5. OushiRX

    Yeah, just 5 days before they are going to release new chapter "Twin Eclipse" in Japan after one year.
    Nice play SE. <3

  6. OushiRX

    Go to Japan iOS store or using VPN via Android devices if u guys wanna play newest version

  7. Todd Howard's Hair

    Hey, at least we get more star ocean

  8. 聖血JlN


  9. windwaker0rules

    where the star ocean 5 budget went

  10. windwaker0rules

    0:29 that is not cliff, like they didn't even try, from now on he shall be known as Dliff

  11. JimRaynorRaider

    nel and cliff voice actors didn't return…breaks my heart

  12. The HolyFire

    Jeez.. What's with people hating on this..

  13. Rakurai309

    This game is extremely F2P friendly compared to a lot of SE's other mobile titles, so I wouldn't be turned away from it if you're a fan of the series and want a way to kill some time. The gameplay feels good and getting to see characters from SO 1/2 in HD 3D for the first time is nice.

    You're also not nearly as gated by stamina due to the fact that joining quests hosted by others is free.

  14. badmaaash

    Yeah yeah yeah nobody cares just release the neir collaboration and be done with it. Let’s move on with our lives playing the console games

  15. Long Tang

    Fayt vs Fidel.

    Hey you copied all of my moves..

  16. Ernest

    There's no one from star ocean 2.

  17. Sergey BoSS

    developers why do we need this garbage ?? return us Deadmans Cross it was the best game of its genre when it came out! meaning was to close such an ambitious project ?? most games like deadmans cross just shit into it was fun to play … sorry you will not hear me

  18. Hikikomori Gaming

    Play it for about 10 days now I like it because I finished SO 2,4. I like Maria too much but in game her is my second best next from Faize. You can play this game all day long without Stamina problem like some other game because in this game you can join other players mission for free. Better try it if you like Star Ocean.

  19. Ordin S Pripro

    Will it be online or offline
    Please make it offline
    I am very excited

  20. Ed Rob

    Please make a Remake of Parasite Eve 1 & 2

  21. yumimakai

    It's a decent enough game to kill time with and let you fight with some of your favourite characters. And you don't have to pay to play, you get a decent amount of gems just by doing daily stuff and if you want to keep grinding but you run out of stamina, you can just keep going on multiplayer. The only thing you don't get in multiplayer via mooching off the hosts stamina is exp, which you can get with enhancement items so I don't understand all the hate for this game lol. I can deal with the different voice actors too, since it's stupid to expect them to be able to round them all up again.

    Side note I NEED them to release Albel and Fayt already damn it!

  22. Tryck Spot

    Who asked for this? Star Ocean is a beloved series, why pollute it with a damn mobile entry no doubt riddled with the evil of the industry (microtransactions)?

  23. Tom F

    i dont find the game on the appstore

  24. q p

    Fix Altissia plz

  25. Fruitarian

    Its only compatible for iphone xs

  26. Check M

    going desperado and entering a franchise game into the shitty gacha market does not symbolize a return lmfao. And everyone saying your loss just cause someone already realizes and says this was a dumb idea get over yourselves lol half of you scrubs are either autoing or suck at the multiplayer aspect of the game.

  27. lowkeytheoneandonly

    What have you done to one of the best game series of all time? Greedy $E. THIS IS DISGUSTING! Always with the mobile scams eh? $queenix has become such a greedy, trash company putting out trash games…

  28. GameGlaive

    Nope, Gonna pass on this low quality mobile trash. Maybe next time when you have a new Star Ocean for Console i'll put some consideration in, but for now you only get my dislike. It's a real shame you want to play along Fox and Blizzard with trash mobile disgraces of eclectic franchises.

  29. WhatSupp

    I really got my hopes up when i saw there was a star ocean trailer… Can't we just a get a Star Ocean 2 remake?

  30. DynoSkrimisher

    0:29 What have they done to my boi, Cliff?!

  31. Zeroescape999fan

    Well…it's over

  32. Zorox 2012

    Mm gloos 2020 @@??

  33. TheOne

    game is shutting down f

  34. Mark Stein

    Can it be played in offline/online?

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